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My Younique journey + my Makeup Bag

Happy Monday! We had a long weekend of babysitting my nieces + nephew while my sister and her husband were on vacation, I will definitely be sharing all that craziness soon. I think it was the first time in awhile I was actually EXCITED for a Monday and a normal day at home. Thank goodness.

If you follow me on social media, you saw that I recently became a ‘presenter’ for a makeup line called Younique. I am so so pumped for this new little adventure so I wanted to share a little about how I first came upon this cosmetic line, why I made the decision to become a presenter, what I plan to do with it, and also what is currently in my makeup bag.

My backstory with makeup is this, I grew up a tomboy and didn’t wear much in my teenage days until of course a special BOY came in life. Of course. Then I sparked some interest, so thankfully my older sister [who was in cosmetologist school at the time], came running to the rescue to teach me some basic things. I still never wore much … darn perfect young skin, no money, etc etc. Fastforward to today and I became one of those woman that just wanted something that worked and I really didn’t switch up my look much day to day. I have been dropping HUNDREDS at places like sephora and ulta trying to find my perfect makeup. Especially concealer + foundation. And I’m talking TOP brands that were not cheap! I would maybe like the new stuff for a week and then I’d be like, nope. This isn’t it. But I spent so much money on it, I would just rock it until it was out and then try something new. It was very frustrating, especially when you are spending a pretty penny on it.

A blogger I follow who always has amazing lashes and is actually a celebrity makeup artist shared with us that her secret was Younique’s 3D Mascara + Fiber lashes. Just reading that I was sold and knew I had to try it. My target mascara was working fine, but I wanted those long beautiful lashes! So I ordered from someone random in California and instantly fell in love with the product! I will say I was a wee bit intimidated at first because there is two different tubes to apply, the mascara gel and then the fibers, but after some practice … I got it down and it was my everyday mascara. You really can choose how long you want them by how many coats you apply. I always wanted to try their face products and especially after seeing all over on instagram, woman I followed ranting and raving about their BB creams + foundations. My friend Tiffany recently became a presenter and after trying just some of the products, I was sold + joined her team. I’ve made some new friends and even went to their houses for playdates since then and I’m so thankful for these new found friendships with fellow momprenuers.

I decided to become a presenter for a few different reasons. I honestly love sharing when I find something great and to be honest, I’ve always wanted to do something like this! My first priority and most important job is being a mama. That is a FACT. Second is my photography which I am doing part-time these days and loving the lighter load while raising babies and this is just a little side-gig so I can get the discount and of course make a little extra income for my family by sharing a product I truly love. Its so easy to do when you really love what you’re doing and are an advocate for the product. So I love being a mama, I love photography + photographing exciting times in people’s lives, and now sharing my love for makeup and these awesome products! I’m so thankful for all this! I just need to figure out how to balance it all, which of course comes with time! Any tips + tricks is always appreciated from other workin’ mamas.

This company is an online based company so everything is ordered from the comfort of your own home! So so nice. I’m slowly but surely working on adding to my collection and so far have not come across a product I do not love. Like I mentioned earlier, I am one to find a ‘look’ and then do it everyday, so I’m really trying to try different things like more lip colors + different eyeshadow colors. Push myself outside of the box! So far I’m really enjoying trying new things! Next thing on the beauty to do list is to figure out how to do my hair haha, one thing at a time! I’m not all about taking a million selfies but I promise to share some here + there so you can see the products in use.

So far my 3 favorite products are the glorious primer [so important for your makeup to last], concealer [I ALWAYS have struggled to find a good concealer that covers my dark circles and this stuff really does the trick], and BB cream [gives you such a beautiful glow]. Oh and I’m learning the importance of QUALITY brushes. Like OMG. Holy cow. I never knew.

What is in my makeup bag:

– BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer in Bisque
– Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer in Organza
– Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 3
– Moodstruck 3D Mascara + Fiber Lashes
– Beachfront Bronzer in Sunset
– Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick in Upscale
– Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder in heartbroken
– Powder Puff Brush
– Concealer Brush
– Moodstruck Precision Pencil Eyeliner
– Glorious Face + Eye Primer [I forgot to add in here but it is my FAVE]
– Eyelash curler


There are a few other products I have been dying to have [I’ve tried them + ordered] that will over a little more coverage on those nights out but I have not received them yet. Can’t wait for that mailday and to share with you all how I’m feeling about those products. I recently rejoined the good ole Facebook so be sure to friend me on there please! I had an old account from college days but decided to start a new fresh one. I also started a Younique group that is private but would LOVE if you would like to be added! Just message me on Facebook or comment below and I’ll be sure to add you! I am sure I will post some makeup posts here and there on this blog now that it is a bigger part of my life, but will be sharing much more on that page if you’d like more updates on it, I promise I won’t blow up your feed with nonsense. I’d love for you to follow my journey with Younique and hopefully watch me grow in my confidence with makeup! It is another fun creative outlet I am really enjoying. I also have a photography page I have had for some time now so add that too where I share more sneak peeks! So many things to add but I would so appreciate your support!

If you are interested in trying Younique, have some questions, want to actually SEE the product and are local, chat about joining my team & getting the perks yourself, or just peeking around on the website, please click HERE. Or email me at hello@leahmullett.com and we can chat!!! I can tell you more about how you can host a virtual party online + earn free makeup! Just by sharing it with family + friends! Heck yeah!

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday! Thank you for reading and following along! xoxo -Leah

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