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I quickly learned in my early photography years that newborn photography was a whole different ‘realm’ of photography. Nothing like shooting weddings, engagements, families, and seniors. I toyed around with the whole ‘props’ and ‘set ups’ for newborns and figured out that it just wasn’t for me. Throughout the years though, I continued to photograph some newborn babies here & there. Especially when my past bride + grooms had a bundle of their own. I was so honored that they asked me to document the most two exciting things that happen in your life. So I was there, and as I grow as a photographer, I’m loving the angles of lifestyle newborn photography more & more.

I take a select few of these sessions a year and was so thankful little baby Willem was one of them. I mean, who doesn’t love playing with a newborn baby!? And his parents, love love love them. And his nursery?! About died. I rarely never toot my own horn, but I can say that I am super proud of this session. Whew. Feels kind of good to say that. Willem’s mama Brittany was nice enough to share all the nursery details & where they are from, listed at the end of the post!

And yes, he smells just as good as he looks. So thankful Brittany + Brett were blessed with this little mister.

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Seeing that I was like ‘ouing and ahhing’ the whole time while in Willem’s nursery, I thought I would ask Brittany to share with us where everything was from.

Grey + White Striped Bins: Home Goods
Dresser: Craigslist Find
White + Gold Tray: Hobby Lobby
Picture Frames: Target
Pictures: Animal Print Shop
Gold Lamp: IKEA
Shelves: IKEA
– On Shelves
-Black and White Bowls: IKEA
-Square Framed Mirror: IKEA
-Flowered Ceramic Piece: Anthropologie
-Ceramic Animals: Hobby Lobby
-Elephant Book Ends: Marshalls
-Gold Metal Piece: Hobby Lobby
-Mint and White Ceramic Bowl: Horrocks
Chair: West Elm
Black and White Pillow: IKEA
Black and White Striped Blanket: IKEA
Pouf: Land of Nod
Curtains & rod: Target
Night Stand: Marshalls
-On Nightstand
-Pot and Plant: IKEA
-Candle: Anthropologie
-Picture: Animal Print Shop
Crib: Target
Crib Sheet: Babies R Us
Bunny: Apothecary Gift Shop
Triangle Wall Decals: Hobby Lobby
Love You Night Light: Meusshop.com
Animal Skin Rug: Marshalls
Grey Diamond Rug: Target

I actually have a few of these things already in Levi’s room like the ‘I love you’ nightlight, its so adorable! Hope everyone enjoyed this nursery & session as much as I did! xoxo -Leah

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