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IKEA + Valentines Day + a Trip to the ER




I envisioned this past weekend going much differently then what actually took place. That seems to happen a lot doesn’t it?! Friday morning I headed off to Ikea with my friend Alisa. We had planned this trip months prior & I just love talking about something for so long and then actually DOING it. Feels so good. So we met up super early & drove the two and a half + hours to the maze of a store. Which I love.

The day was awesome & I really feel like we moved at a good pace! We just have so much fun together, the drive is always my favorite. Good convos for sure. I was super proud of myself for how much I spent there, only to blow the rest of my money I had brought at home goods + buy buy baby [darn burts bee’s baby clothes!] We had a nice dinner together which is soooo much more enjoyable without littles along, and then headed home much earlier than we thought. At this point, my mother in law had come to relieve Matthew so he could go up snowmobiling for the weekend. She assured me to take my time getting back, both kids were asleep, and to be careful driving through the blizzard. And then the phone call. “How many minutes until you’re back?!” Which I could barely hear her over Levi crying.




True life: I have a basket problem.


I rushed home as fast as I could to find Levi so so tired, sick, crying … uh, it broke my heart. Sucks so bad to see your little baby in pain. After talking with my MIL, I decided I should take Levi in to the ER, we believed his right ear was infected. I always just fear that I’ll take him in & they’ll be like, nope, he’s fine … control your child. He was inconsolable before I left and of course on the way there, he calmed right down and was chatting me up the whole way there. I was like, figures.

Once we got there though, he started acting the same way he was at home and so thankful I took him in because it did end up being an ear infection. His fever was 104.1 and he had been sick for days with a fever. My mama instinct to take him in was on point this time around, thank goodness. I just kept thinking to myself, of course this has to happen when Matthew is out of town. Never fails.

So our first trip to the ER with Levi is in the books, hoping its the last … but I won’t count on it.


That photo just breaks my heart, but I had to document it. I am so thankful my mother in law stayed home with little miss Clare so I didn’t have to wake her up at midnight to go. Once we were home, the meds were really helping Levi and he was snoring in his crib shortly after I laid him down. He slept until 11am Saturday morning & the fever had finally broke! Whew. We’re still on the mend over here, coughs, sore throats, and runny noses. Hoping we can make it to the gym by Thursday, I’m finally motivated to go but no can do with sick babies! Not to mention I’m not feeling too hot myself.

Saturday was a pretty chill day, my little cousin came over the help/play with Levi so I could accomplish somethings/work. He loves it when she comes to visit. It especially helps when I feel like we’ve been cooped up in this house with the sickness for the past few weeks! After a nice dinner, we made some more white chocolate popcorn for Valentine’s Day. Levi is a professional with the sprinkles. Kidding. If you get his clump of popcorn you might get a sugar rush, but he felt so cool & was smiling ear to ear. I just had to calm my inner perfectionest down inside and assure myself it was okay if the popcorn wasn’t evenly sprinkled.









 I even sewed on a button, this is huge folks.


Clare looooooves her new little bathtub & Levi does too. Even though he doesn’t looked thrilled in the photos, I swear he was so excited sissy was in the bathtub with him for a little bit.



Her new talent is clapping which I about die every time. Its so adorable.



Sunday we woke up and put on as many pink + red outfits as we could, I attempted to put away my IKEA + home goods goodies [aka my 18 baskets], and finally Matthew came home. Thank freak’n goodness. We had to skip church again due to the sickness & there was no way I was about to go to church with 2 babies by myself and not use nursery. Nuh uh. I did the other members a favor.

So we snuggled + played and had a relaxing Sunday. The way Sundays should be.








I do have to say, I just loved finding as many heart shaped items as I could for Clare! Girls are so fun! And not to mention, Levi is a lot harder to catch these days and make him sit down for a photo. So Clare happily fills in for him. Hope everyone had a LOVELY Valentine’s Day! xoxo Leah

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