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Uh oh.

Matthew, if you’re reading this … I think I’m getting that shopping urge again. As I play online, here I am on facebook and photo blogs and I find my hand moving the mouse and all of a sudden I end up on some fashion website, shopping website … Oh snap. I’ve been doing soooo good lately with my shopping after the job change and I just realized that … well … its SAD how much clothes I have and I can’t even fit anymore in my closet. But with my birthday coming TOMORROW all I want is new clothes, toys, a massage, new phone, and an ice cream cone. That’s it. That’s all.

I swear one year I want nothing and the next its everything! Whats a girl to do …

Got these awesome fashion tips and set ideas from a website called Polyvore I found while playing online.

Je suis.
Je suis. by Mandy; featuring Nina shoes


I’m be posting my first WEDDING of the year soon … I can’t wait!

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