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Ty + Ashley :: Engagement

I photographed this engagement session back in June, literally right before I was about to pop with baby Clare. These two were actually married in Maui on May 7 and are planning a wedding/reception for exactly a year later here in Michigan for family & friends to celebrate with them. So technically these could be considered just married or engagement photos. I mean you can clearly see the ‘newlyweds’ written all over these two, they are so in love & I had such a fun time capturing it.

tyashleyblog1 tyashleyblog2 tyashleyblog3 tyashleyblog4 tyashleyblog5 tyashleyblog6 tyashleyblog7 tyashleyblog8 tyashleyblog9 tyashleyblog10 tyashleyblog11 tyashleyblog12 tyashleyblog13 tyashleyblog14 tyashleyblog15 tyashleyblog16 tyashleyblog17 tyashleyblog18 tyashleyblog19 tyashleyblog20Here is a wedding photo from their elopement in Maui. I tried to talk them into taking me with them to capture some amazing wedding photos, but unfortunately I was about to pop so I’ll just have to make it to Hawaii some other way … [sigh]. XO, Leah

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