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tuesday ten :: my favorites

its a rainy tuesday afternoon and what i better time to share with you some random things i’m loving lately or as some would say my favorites. first off, i can’t believe its the last week of april! my favorite month and it went by so dang fast. makes me sad. but excited for what the next few months have in store for me. busy season is approaching and i couldn’t be happier. i’m ready. SO ready to pick up my camera and run out the door to meet some amazing people and get some amazing photographs. i’m a busy bee and thats just the way i like it and it makes me happy to be running everywhere. of course to stop and enjoy life in between.

my birthday was a few weeks ago and because of catching a nasty cold and a few other things, the week was pretty slow and relaxed for me. no big parties or crazy nights just relazing at home and celebrating with family over a yummy dinner. i did receive some amazing gifts and wanted to share with you a few things i got and also just what i’m loving lately. definitely check these things out.

featherlocks. yes yes i know … its a ‘fad’ thing and i’m totally in. i was super excited when i met with a bride and she had them in … i was hooked and knew i wanted them. my friend cassie had them and told me her friend emily did them who is actually one of my brides this year!!! and i had never met emily in person so it was great to go meet her and get some feathers in my hair. my friend abby isn’t on board yet but heck, its something fun and i’m loving the ‘indian’ look and a touch of pink. you really can barely see them, just a little peek a boo of color and neutral feathers. this is just one side … i did one pink along with some neutral on this side and my other side is three neutrals. definitely go see emily at escape design and spa off of east beltline and knapp.

one. chance eau tendre by chanel. i am in love with this perfume. while in vegas with my friend katie, she introduced me to this and it officially was on my forehead. i had to have it. matthew came through and as soon as i opened it i was spritzing it on. he purchased it from sephora. this is a must smell.

two. moroccan oil hairspray. i blame my sister tara on getting me addicted to really expensive hairspray but boy is this worth it. i absolutely love the smell of it and the way it works on my hair. i purchase it from design one (a local salon and spa) or you can find it online. like i said … a little pricey but you get what you pay for. this is something i will splurge on if i can. i’ve heard great things about their other products as well.

three. two faced make-up primer. this was one of my gifts from tara after i had been complaining about my make-up not staying on long enough. tara is a guru on make up, and anything beauty and face care. so far i’m thinking this stuff is legit and i’m loving the way it works. i didn’t think it would make such a big difference. i guess my sister does know what she’s talking about. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i believe you can purchase it from sephora too.

four. essie nail polish. another gift from tara and she told me when i unwrapped it … this stuff stays on so long, way better than OPI. I have always been an opi lover and still will wear it but i must admit this stuff stays on wayyyy longer! some of you may be surprised that i still wear nail polish after my post yesterday, bring pink even but i can’t stay away from it. one of my favorite styles is short trimmed nails with fun colors … and you must switch often. i use to have fake nails on but now a days i’m totally into the fun colors. but mainly pink. the darker pink is my favorite.

five. remington ear protection. now this was probably one of thee most creative gifts matthew has ever gotten me. looking at it you wouldn’t think anything creative about this but i more so mean the idea. i have never asked for these but am in love with them … what a perfect idea. one of my other hobbies is shooting guns and now i’ll be rocking these pink remington ear muffs at the shooting range. i can’t wait.

plum pretty sugar. kimano style robe; knee length. my mom and bruce got me this for my birthday along with a few other little things and matthew tagged in with it as well. of course its backordered but i can not WAIT to get this robe and truck around my house in the morning in this adorable robe. i can just picture myself answering emails, drinking some warm coffee in my cool robe. ha. love it. hopefully it will be here soon! i also absolutely love their blog! the images on there are so fun. great ideas for loungerie for bridal gifts. and make sure to check out this music video i love by blake shelton “who are you when i’m not looking” where one of the girls is wearing the robe i got! fun stuff.

water for elephants. the book. i am on chapter 15 as of today and am in LOVE with this book. i don’t even want to put it down! i’m so excited to see the movie although we all know that books are always better. BUT i will say it hasn’t been too shabby picturing rob pattinson in my head as jacob jankowski. a must read for sure. i read a lot of business and personal growth books and its nice to mix in a good read thats just for fun. i have had a few random weird dreams about elephants though … just a warning. which brings me to tell you to check out this styled shoot a bunch of vendors did that was inspired by the book and movie. it was featured on green wedding shoes blog yesterday. check it out.ย  isn’t it awesome what one author can inspire …

country strong soundtracks. after watching the movie that i really enjoyed i had to immideitaly purchase the soundtracks. there are two. i love all the songs from both so i recommend both but if you had to pick one i would pick the one on the right … although i do love ‘country strong’ and ‘coming home’ oh and ‘tennessee and me’ … amazing tunes. especially for the country girl ๐Ÿ˜‰ (first album) (second album)

blogs and websites and celebs. i have always been a huge follower and love lauren conrad. how she carries herself professionally and a classy woman. she recently updated her website and posts quite often so check it out! another one … for some reason i love chanel from fantasy factory is hilarious and i love her. she seems so real and love her cute blog. last but not least [this blogpost has taken me forever! so much to share] check out brittany binger she is a former playmate and gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜‰ and has great skincare suggestions which i always love reading of ways i can take better care of my skin.

what are your favorites right now?! comment and share some!

happy tuesday



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  1. Corrine Helder
    Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
    Ok, now you have my interest peaked to read Water for Elephants. Thanks for sharing your favorite things Leah! It's neat to see this side of you.
  2. Matt
    Monday, May 2nd, 2011
    Who took that amazing picture of you ;)