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trip to the Eye Doctor + Blogger block

Blogger block is in full swing over here! This time of year comes & its always a little insane around here. Everyone trying to fit in a session before it gets cold, and then with this weather especially … I feel like I’ve been shooting constantly and getting more and more behind on editing, meeting with brides, trying to keep my house somewhat clean [big thanks to my hubby who helps me so much with that], attempting to be a good mom, NEVER ENDING LAUNDRY!!! SERIOUSLY … etc etc. You guys know what I’m talking about right?! Sleep has been the number one neglected thing lately + it’s definitely starting to take a toll on me. As I get older, I’m learning more and more we seriously NEED the sleep. And I just read an article saying woman need more sleep than men, awesommmeee. So with all this, blogger block is also in full swing. Maybe if I catch some sleep this weekend, I’ll feel more inspired + rejuvenated and not have writers block. We’ll see if that actually happens!

On top of all these everyday to do’s, we’ve had a few trips to the doctor’s lately. One being for miss Clare. This photo below makes me laugh so hard. It’s her serious/scared face I think. When Clare was about 4 days old, I noticed her left eye to be a little bit ‘goobery’ than the right, not to mention a little bit smaller/swollen. Obviously with the trauma of birth, eye ointment they put in their eyes right after they’re born and what not, I wasn’t too concerned about it. But around 2 months, it was so bad, she would wake up and her left eye was sealed shut every. single. morning. I felt awful. It definitely doesn’t seem to bother her but it bothered me. I felt so bad for her, even though she didn’t care. She would even wake up from naps with her eye sealed shut. So after a trip to our everyday doc, he assured me it was just a clogged tear duct & very common. Two of my nieces had it as well. Have any of you ladie’s babes experienced this?! So I let my mama bear anxiety attack go and went on with life doing the massages they told me to do every morning and night hoping it would get better.


Fast forward to her being 4 months now, its still pretty bad. I talked with an ophthalmologist & told her the severity of it and she thought it would be a good idea to come in and make sure we didn’t have a full blockage, although they really don’t like to operate on it until they a year. Which I made clear, I didn’t want to operate at all! But then again, can’t have her dealing with this for another 8 months! So off to the doctor we went.

Talk about one proud mama. She was an angel! I bet it would have been a totally different story if her 21 month old brother was in the hot seat. She seriously coo-ed and caa-ed at the nurses the whole time while they’re dilating her eyes, covering up one with a sticker, poking & prodding at her. She is just so sweet. Well, most of the time …

We had to wait 40 minutes while her eyes dilated. She was so funny. And fyi, her hair is untamable.


After some tests, her vision is perfect and I am so so thankful for that. Her tear duct is definitely clogged, her features are so petite that they think her gland that runs down her nose for drainage is partially blocked. They put some drops in her eyes that with a black light we could see draining out of her nose after a few minutes, so we know it isn’t a full blockage. Obviously if you’re having this with your child and feel as though it needs some medical attention, I highly recommend going and being on the safe side and just making sure. I wanted to share this though in case you’re having a little problems with clogged tear ducts but not to the point where it is a real concern. They said it should clear itself, but I did get some ointment which seems to make a huge difference. Thank goodness. So I think we’re on the mend & hopefully will be able to avoid surgery when she’s 12 months.

Here’s to all my fellow worry wart mama’s out there! XO, Leah

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