Leah Mullett Photography

The Journey.

Go.go.go.  The story of my life.  For the past six years, I feel like my life has been in fast forward.  Don’t get me wrong … I’ve been happy and enjoying it and am very proud of myself for my accomplishments in the past few years but now that I’ve quit my job and am trying to build this business up basically starting from scratch, I have to remind myself that I need to slow down!  Matthew of course is my rock and helps me so much with this.  I am a true believe that opposites attack.  He is laid back and me … not so much. 

Today I read something that really hit home.  ‘Your journey is your journey. NOT a competition.”  I look at all these amazing photographers out there and I think, I can do that! I want to be THAT good and THAT busy … and I need to slow down and enjoy the small things in life and enjoy the journey.  I’m more so stressed about how to organize and manage this.  For so many years I was go go go and wasn’t organized with my life and now that things have changed I’m really scared to go back to that.  I’ve been working my butt off on organizing before I start getting super busy again and I’m really excited about it.  I just need to make sure I keep my head up.  Everyone has those days … right?  I’m not going to try to portray to people that I have it all figured out … I don’t think that’s right.  Instead I’m going to ask you guys for help on this journey through growing as a person and as a business.  I have so many dreams and ideas for this business and I need to slow my role and just take it one day at a time.  I pray about this everyday. 

Because I’m house sitting this week, I happen to have a jacuzzi tub to take a bubble bath in! You know … the kinds in the movies where you have candles burning and a glass of wine!! It was amazing and really helped clear my head and SLOW my role.  Much needed.  Hunny … if you’re reading this …. we need a jacuzzi tub in our next house.  I don’t think these people will appreciate it if I showed up on their door step with my towel, wine, and candles. Yeah, not so much.

One thing I am very proud of myself this week is I babysat both my nephew (almost 2 years old) and my niece (6 weeks) for like 6 hours by myself AND I managed to take BOTH of them for a walk around the subdivision WITH my dog Zoey! Craaaazy! I know! I impressed myself. I had no make-up on and looked like I ran a marathon before we were even out the garage, but hey … I did it!!! Felt good. Although, I think its going to be awhile before you see me with two kids. And I think I officially decided that we are spreading our kids out a bit more than a year or so apart. ; ) I give a lot of credit to my sister. Isn’t my neice precious though?! I just love her to bits!

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