Leah Mullett Photography

Texas + VanderMeer Family Portraits

This past Christmas my husband totally shocked and surprised me with tickets to fly down to visit my best friend Stephany in Texas!! I had never been there before and was so so excited. Super nervous though once I realized the tickets were just for Levi and I … traveling with a baby, pregnant … whoa. I was a hot mess at the airport. Especially when they told me I had to take my boots off (which were tied on) and I about died of bending over everything being scrunched. Not to mention, going to the bathroom was a task in itself when you’re baby wearing and realize your maternity leggings come up to your boobs … yeah. Not sure how I accomplished that.



Once we got to Texas, [which he was perrrrfect on the plane after all my stressing] it was all good and so thankful for my friend Steph (and her husband Greg and little Gavin who had to share a lot of his toys) to take us in to her home and take care of us. So thankful she had pretty much everything for us that Levi needed because if I would have had to take all the gadgets that come along with baby, I totally would have died. So I didn’t even have to bring a stroller, pack n play, car seat … NADA! Whew.


Absolutely loved the Texas weather. Levi was super confused when we went from freezing cold to walking outside with no coat on! Of course the first thing we did when we arrived was go for a walk in our pi’s!!! We took our trip in February so it was perfect timing to break up our long winter here in Michigan. While we were there, Stephany was getting ready to announce to friends that she was also expecting her second babe! (Poor Greg lived with 2 preggos for a week!) So I was of course so excited to photograph a family session in a different state. It really is crazy how different the lighting and surroundings is. I LOVED the trees in Texas. Wish we could have played longer but we also had to keep Levi happy which took a whole bag of yogurt bites.














Isn’t her growing family so adorable! Baby VanderMeer #2 is so loved already and I am so thankful to be pregnant with a friend! Kind of funny because she is exactly 2 months younger than me, and this baby is due exactly 2 months after mine! Future BFF’s?! I think so. Just wish she would move back up here … I mean Texas is great but we don’t have snakes that could eat a small child. Just sayin.

Happy Monday Friends!!! xoxo

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