Leah Mullett Photography

Telling the kiddos about Babe #3

Thank you so so very much for all the LOVE on the news of baby Mullett number THREE! Every single one of them made me smile so big! A few of you asked why it took so long to share and honestly, I have no real reason. Just super busy, of course I wanted to do a photo with the kiddos and Matt and with our busy schedule, my friend’s who took the photos and sicknesses … and all the poo in between, it just took awhile. Also have NOT been too motivated this pregnancy [especially the first trimester which kicked my ass] & have been loving some space to ourselves while we get settled in the new farmhouse. Not to mention, it was kind of fun just having our little secret with our families. We told our families around 12 weeks, so pretty typical there. Its been fun to see people and then they look at the bump like WHAAAAA haha, I love seeing their shocked faces! I of course had some family friends who saw me and starred but didn’t say anything in fear of putting their foot in their mouth, it was funny to confuse them as well.

I did have an opportunity of a lifetime to photograph a destination wedding in Mexico this December which thankfully the bride was totally understanding about & super excited for us. I met with her two days before finding out I was pregnant. I was so bummed I could not do it but obviously this is also a lifetime adventure that I am beyond thankful for. Part of me thought I could have the baby and still shoot it but once I told my family, they were thankfully honest with me and told me they didn’t think it was a good idea. So my BFF will be shooting it & I’ll just stay off social media that week while I’m pouting on the couch [in the cold] while breastfeeding but also starring down at a beautiful baby being super thankful for the amazing gift of life. Oh how I wish we could do it all though! Being a mama & woman in the work force is not an easy task! But of course, Family always comes first! That I’m for sure confident about.

I wanted to share the video I recorded when we told the kids about baby number three! Sidenote: they were super tired and it was way past their bedtimes but we wanted to tell my family the following day because my 30th birthday was approaching and of course everyone wanted to get me all crunked for my birthday, so we figured once we told Levi, the news would get out pretty fast to family and of course, Levi came through. Within 30 seconds when he saw grandpa Bruce the next day.

I was so so excited to tell the kids! Levi definitely understands as much as a three year old can, Clare I think just decided to act silly like her brother. Either way, it melts my heart!