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taylor :: senior

you know those things called man crushes? well … matt totally has a man crush on taylor’s dad, Scott. like bad. he came home from deer camp … or maybe it was one of his many snowmobile trips and all he could talk about was this man named scott. after meeting him … i understood matt’s man crush. scott is awesome and so is his family who I had the opportunity to meet here in holland where they stay almost every weekend in the summer. they are from a town near lansing so holland is a regular visit for them during the summer. they said they’ve been coming here since taylor was a baby so they couldn’t wait to have his senior pictures captured in the town where there second home resides. when someone asks me for a picture in front of the big red in holland … i usually try to push them away from it beacuse it really isn’t my style and lets be honest … if you’re from around here its had its time when everyone had that picture. but … it was different with this family because they aren’t from around here and it signified something to them. i loved that. so of course … we ended our session at the holland beach and had a blast … had to snap a few picture of the family at the end too. i seriously am so excited to hang out with this family again sometime soon. after our fun casual session on the beach … scott and michele treated matthew and i to a boat ride to boatworks here in holland and it was so relaxing and fun chit chatting with them. very inspiring couple 🙂 and family. like us … they are high school sweethearts. i just love hearing every-one’s stories.

taylor … well lets just say he isn’t shy. if i had to guess … he’s quite the ladies man. although … i don’t know him that well … its just a guess (sorry ladies … he’s taken though). super easy to photograph and i had a good time getting to know him. one thing that i thought was so interesting and definitely shows how awesome of a person he is is that he went to alaska this past summer ON HIS SUMMER BREAK to fish. like … deadliest catch fishing (side note: LOVE THAT SHOW) he said the show is pretty realistic and it was one of the hardest things he has ever done. isn’t that just awesome! what an experience … i’m super jealous. although i highly doubt i would last long on a boat like that. taylor is quite the wakeboarder from what i hear too. we were going to do some of him in action on the wakeboard but he ended up hurting himself (once again sooo taylor) a few weeks before so we had to skip that. maybe sometime in the future i will have the honor to shoot him doing some flips. ohhh that would be so fun.

enjoy ♥

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  1. Friday, September 10th, 2010
    I don't no who the real Father to these children is ,but I sure am glad they got their looks from mom! Nice job Leah.