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We joke around in our family that Tara has been pregnant for the past 7 years but I guess it hasn’t been that long … that would be bad. Baby number THREE was born this past Wednesday and I am so excited to share some photos and introduce this little peanut but first I have to share some last minute maternity photos we snapped a few days before the baby’s arrival. [this whole 2 weeks early thing put a kink in my blogging schedule] We had done a maternity shoot for the last two babies, and Tara wasn’t quite feeling up to it this round. With two children under the age of 4 you can imagine this pregnancy was a bit harder than the others. BUT she knew that this baby is just as important and she wanted to look back someday and enjoy the third baby bump. Not to mention, they plan on this being the last, so she thoroughly enjoyed her last few days … uncomfortably … with huge feet.

I can’t say it enough how amazing my sister is and how thankful I am to have her. Amazing AMAZING mother, wife, and woman. I look up to her in so many ways … I always have. Even when she told on me for listening to her phone call with her boyfriend in high school and I got a phone chucked at my head for punishment. Yup. True story … and it was a big phone. Or the time she told me the stranger in the restaurant was our grandma that lived out of town [so I wasn’t familiar with her] so I ran up and hugged her in front of everyone. With all those things in consideration, I still love her.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and although I personally have never been, I feel like I’m quite the pro at it already. I always told my sisters when they got pregnant that I wasn’t ready for another yet! Financially, mentally, physically!!! It has taken a beaten on my body too because as you can imagine, when you hang out with your sisters almost daily and they want ice cream and pizza … I’m having some too. If you can recall, Tara and I were our younger sister’s birth partners this past May. Brittany was literally pushing and Tara and I were chatting between contractions to the side and she said she felt funny and I just knew it. I asked her with big eyes if she thought she could be pregnant and she just looked at me with oh crap, i could. The next day, after watching a baby being born … Tara confirmed that she would have to go through that pretty soon. Lucas and her were so excited, as they planned to have a third baby eventually but after JUST witnessing a birth … the ‘reminder’ of the pain was there she said, and all too real.

And here we are! So crazy how fast time flies! Now Mila looks like a giant baby compared to the new one.

She was hesitant to even take the photos because she retained so much water this pregnancy but I just think she looks amazing! Don’t you? Love you sister! Its crazy how this third little addition to the Ulberg family really did ‘complete’ it. It was always meant to be 5.



taramaternity3 1

taramaternity3 2

taramaternity3 3

taramaternity3 4

taramaternity3 5

Stay tuned for some photos and an introduction to this little one. Happy Thursday!

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  1. Friday, January 18th, 2013
    These are beautiful... when I am preggo someday, I want you to take some photos of my baby bump!! You are so talented... I feel honored to know you :) Great Job lady.. these photos are stunning!

    xx Liz