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sydney + kyle :: saugatuck wedding

even with the temperature cooling down these days, i can’t forget the sweaty hot mess i was when shooting sydney + kyle’s wedding. wow was it a hot one! but such a beautiful day it was. they were married at the laketown center in saugutuck, where the girls got ready and we headed off for some ‘alone’ time with the two of them and boy is that my favorite time with my couples. so much smiling, kissing [between the bride + groom of course], laughing, and just maaayyybbbeee a model face or two. sydney and i went to high school together and she is still as sweet these days as she was back in school. i, like most of my graduating class … know sydney as the girl who lived across from the school. like the last farm house standing and i loved it. its a very well known house … unique.

kyle and sydney are so down to earth and i absolutely loved getting to know them better and as a couple throughout their engagement and wedding. we met pretty close to their wedding date for their engagement session which was a blast as well … but lets talk quick about how flip’n fast their ceremony was. definitely going down in LMP history as the fastest ceremony ever shot to date. i believe it was a total of seven minutes. i didn’t dare to move, and its a darn good thing. good thing i didn’t move and good thing it was seven minutes because we may have lost a bridesmaid or groomsmen if it were eight minutes. or me. it was that hot.

huge thank you to my amazing new friend that already moved away from me … tifani, for helping me shoot their wedding. i loved spending the day with you tifani and especially with this amazingly sweet, out of this world down to earth couple. sydney … sending huge hugs your way for being soooo sweet and patient. so meet this cute couple … sydney + kyle. who are happily married. enjoy.




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