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sydney + kyle :: engagement

once again, its that time of year. these two are already married, we met a few weeks before their wedding day and shot some engagement photos. i think these sessions are so important and absolutely some of my favorite sessions because its great to have photographs of you with you fiance not only because its an exciting time in your life that you want to remember forever but also because its you two, in your normal clothes, all in love. on a wedding day, you’re on such a time crunch and cramming so much into one day that often times you don’t get the opportunity to be as ‘creative’ as you might get to be on an engagement shoot. not to mention, its a great time for me to get to know the groom a bit better because often times, i have never met them yet and also to see how they interact with one another and they get to see how i shoot and by the end of the night, they are pro’s and we’re ready to be all in love and photogenic on their wedding day so i can capture their true-selves and everyone is comfortable.

sydney and i had gone to middle school and high school together and we were always, as i like to call it …’hi friends’. we had a few classes together and always got along and i always loved how down to earth sydney is. they both went to school to be geologist … or atleast i think thats what it was. something super smart and way out of my understanding. so they share a love for nature and rocks. coming up soon will be me sharing their wedding photos which was so much fun and thee fastest wedding ceremony i have ever shot due to the heat. it was crazy.



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