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something different

it had been forever since i had talked to michael, a family friend who was more like a second dad to me in my younger years. after my dad had introduced me to the sport of dirtbiking and woods riding, michael soon had me tagging along to go to the local motocross tracks with him. it soon turned into an obsession and quickly became my favorite sport. [yes, most don’t believe me but i was huge into racing motocross] for a couple years we raced almost every weekend and at the ripe age of fifteen i must say i was getting pretty good at the outdoor tracks. he is such an important person in my life, and made a huge impact on me. we spent a lot of time together and a lot of heart filled chats. he called me randomly a few thursday nights ago with a favor. i was just so excited to be talking to him again. he tried to pitch to me a few different reasons after i told him i wasn’t ‘that type’ of photographer, michael … i’m a wedding photographer. i don’t shoot fishermen. i told him i’d do it for him and i think it would be a fun experience. i had no idea once i walked away from it i would be smiling ear to ear and thoroughly intrigued by this outdoors-men ‘world’.

lets set something straight. i know nothing about fishing … or angler as the pro’s call it. i am a wedding photographer and that is my focus. i went into this one hundred percent blind and so happy i did. i had no clue who kevin vandam was but i was told he won the ‘superbowl’ of bass fishing. i decided not to look him up online just in case that might make me nervous to meet him. once again, so glad i didn’t. we drove down to kevin’s kalamazoo beautiful home in the middle of no where and i immediately noticed the relaxing calm environment his home provided. a steaming pond in the back with a willow tree on the corner … i wanted an iced tea and a book and i would have been in heaven. so down to earth and so nice and after we met and chatted a bit we got to watch kevin in action. the way he casted, blew me away. i’ve never seen a pro do it before but you can tell he has been doing this for twenty years and knows what he’s doing. it was so interesting and we had a blast watching him do his thing. not to mention he caught more fish in ten minutes then i think most do in a day on the lake.

something so different and new to me and it was so much fun and such a change of scenery. i needed it. for those kevin vandam fans out there that have never met him, yes, he is as down to earth as you think he is. so sweet. i’ve been asked that a few times already since this day. so naturally i get home and am like okay, lets see how big of a deal this kevin is. so glad i waited because lets just say, he’s a big deal.

michael is helping kevin along with other huge companies like, bass pro shop take the outdoors world to another level and show everyone what its really about. i’m excited to see where this sport goes. i’m quite the outdoorsy girl myself so i’m hoping it will continue to grow in the next few years, especially with amazing people like kevin involved in the sport that have such a passion for it. kevin won the angler of the year award (i believe twice) and you’ll have to check out his website for more information on him. he’s a pretty interesting guy. i walked away from this with more than an awesome experience but also learned that i never know what would be good for me and what i may enjoy. always try new things. put yourself out there and really try even if they may make you nervous or put you out of your comfort zone. in the end i don’t think you would regret it. i’m going to try my dardnest to remember this and keep practicing to try new things. and not to be scared of something different.


pretty proud of this shot. i can’t believe how fast he casts.

please note :: i was up at 5:30am for this shoot and got 3 hours of sleep. and i thank you ….


are any of my readers out there kevin vandam fans?????



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  1. lindsay
    Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
    sounds fun! great pics :)
  2. Sandy
    Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
    Definitely a fan.
  3. Leigh Onken
    Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
    Your hair is so long!!! And beautiful!!!! Love the pics too!!!
  4. Jim DeHoop
    Sunday, October 2nd, 2011
    !! WOW !! Great pictures of the biggest SUPER STAR in professional
    bass fishing..