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Six kids for a long weekend


I can tell you guys one thing, I do NOT plan on having 6 kids anytime soon. Holy moly. This past weekend my mom and I watched my sister Tara’s kids while her and her husband were in Arizona on vacation. [Ages: 7, 6, 3, 2, 1.5, 7 months] We more so tagged teamed it because we both had to work. At one point we had all 7. YIKES. I will say it wasn’t near as bad as I had worked it up to be in my head prior to the weekend. I just kept thinking in my head, Leah … you are going to have 6 kids by yourself on Saturday. Ahhhhh! Saturday was the day that I knew I would be solo due to my mom having to work all day and so naturally, I recruited my friend to come hang out with us. She brought her two kiddos but it almost helps when the others have some new friends to play with. Matthew was suppose to be gone all weekend, but he ended up staying back and helping as well. Their other grandma also helped! So that is why I survived. Oh and my mom taught me the importance of a little vodka + orange juice after bedtime routines were done. Mothers know best.

Here are a few other things I learned this weekend other than the fact that I do not want 6 kids.

1. It does NOT matter if you slave for over an hour and you are literally sweating from picking up their toy room. It takes .02 seconds for it to look exactly how it did before you started. The science doesn’t add up, but let me assure you, its .02 seconds.

2. Nutella sucks. Not taste wise, clean up wise. Matthew actually got that job and Elena [my sister’s youngest] somehow managed to take her diaper off and had NUTELLA EVERYWHEREEEE. Like everywhereeeee. You know where I’m talking. Had to get a new diaper and all. So bad.

3. All you do with that many kids is make food, clean up food, change diapers, wipe butts, put them down for naps, pick up toys so you can see the floor, fold laundry, make more food, clean up food, change diapers, wipe butts, bedtime, clean up toys, go in the kitchen … like OMG how is the kitchen such a mess already, I swear I just cleaned it. VODKA. Pass out.

4. I didn’t leave my sister’s house for like three days and I don’t even know if the thought ever crossed my mind because I didn’t even realize what day it was by day one and a half. You’re THAT busy.

5. These kiddos do bring so much joy to my life, bath time with the three little ones was hilarious. Love seeing them interact together. Isla [3] says the darndest things, she cracks me up.

6. Levi was on cloud 9 the whole time. He’d ‘babysit’ them anytime. He’s down. I might need a year to recover.

7. My sister is a saint, and she now owes me her soul. And dinner.


Each one got their own doo …







Zoey even shared a corner of her bed with Steve.



I was thankful to have good home protection while babysitting for the long weekend though. I mean who is going to mess with that girl?! Look at those GUNS!

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