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las vegas, san diego, and phoenix … all in 6 days

on friday i came home from a week long trip with my friend katie. i also realized on friday that it has been a year since i quit my full time job. where oh where does the time go?! i remember the first few days of not having a full time job were very weird. i think i unloaded and reloaded the dish washer like ten times a day and lets just say my house was spotless. i can honestly say i didn’t know what to do with myself for awhile. i had so many dreams for my photography business but had no idea where to start and how to work from home with a super cute dog that wanted to play all day long. i found myself making lists up the galore and spending a lot of my time meeting with potential clients, becoming a better wife, making lists, and catching up on things in life i hadn’t had time for in years. it was grand. i loved it. and felt so blessed to get all the support from my friends and family as i started on this crazy journey of owning my own business.

i filled the summer with lots and lots of portrait sessions and managed to book a few last minute weddings for the year and filled 2011 up quickly. so blessed. i knew though that i had done as much as i could by myself for the year and was just feeling like i needed to go to some sort of workshop or meet with someone that could just give me a little more guidance. hold my hand for a bit. i had been searching for something that caught my eye for awhile but nothing seemed like it would work. until i finally worked up the guts to email jackie wonders from san diego, california. we had talked a few times so i finally just put it out there that i loved her work and looked up to her so much because of the fact that she seems to balance her life with her business and being a mother. its no secret that someday i want to have a few children of my own and want to make sure i can juggle running a business and being a mother. what a perfect example and role model jackie is. i couldn’t believe that i was setting up this trip to do a mentoring session with her all the way to california. i had never been so i was super excited … and nervous.

matthew was unable to tag along because of work so my friend katie jumped at the opportunity and we were off. we ended up landing in las vegas and staying at planet hollywood where we shopped, saw two vegas shows [one being the jabbawockeez which we all know i’m a huge fan of] [the other show was peepshow starring angle porrino … another great one and i love her] and then we were off driving to san diego. it was about a 5 1/2 hour drive but i LOVED the road trip. yes yes … one of my favorite things … driving. not to mention driving through some places of the world that i had never seen. it was amazing. through the desert singing bob seger … and then entering the mountains or so called ‘hills’ … loved every minute of it. besides the fact that katie and i are both super indecisive … we found a great hotel and i finally got to meet jackie the following day. the days went by so fast and i tried to soak in as much as possible of all the goodness jackie was trying to teach me. we hit it off right away and i already miss her. its amazing how different life is over there … i loved it but definitely made me appreciate michigan. i’m just a country girl πŸ˜‰

on our last night in san diego katie and i went out for dinner in la jolla where we ate outside by the ocean and listened to seals ‘bark’ was a perfect way to end our trip to beautiful california. i really want to go back someday when i have more time to see the state. i went out there soley for work so didn’t really even get to see the beautiful state [or as much as i would have liked] during daylight but learned so much and can’t wait to start implementing them into my business. after my last session with jackie, katie and i hit the road again off to phoenix. road trip again! it went by so fast again and we found ourselves getting there late at night and flying out early morning on friday. on the plane ride home i was just overwhelmed by how amazing and HUGE the world is. i mean i haven’t seen anything! i really want to go back to it all and retake it in but i tried to just remember how amazing God is and this beautiful earth. of course i was trying to remember all the amazing things i learned and started putting them into action already this week. i can’t wait to see where it takes me and my business this year.

thank you a million times over jackie for taking me under your wing. not only are you an amazing photographer but an amazing christian woman, mother, business owner, wife … everything. i am so inspired by you and so glad we have this new found friendship. i’m so excited to watch eachother grow and also to see this new lil baby when she comes in april … hopefully april 14 πŸ˜‰ aka … my birthday.

with our many conversations on the way home katie and i realized and may have giggled over the fact that we barely took any pictures on our trip. yes people … i am a photographer but struggle with taking pictures of my personal life! eeekkk… i need to work on this! we did pull over on our way out of beautiful cali and snapped a few pics and also a few on my phone. i was so excited for some reason when i saw the windmills. just cool to see them in a perfect line i guess. oh and my beautiful co-pilot katie may have smiled for one picture in our awesome rental car. oh the memories.

some dorky picture of me … lots of iphone pics, and my co-pilot … beautiful katie.



i was actually excited to come back to some SNOW! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Dev
    Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
    I love those pictures!!
  2. Megan
    Thursday, January 27th, 2011
    umm you always have a FREE place to stay in CA ;) You are welcome to come anytime!!!
  3. Jamie DeRuiter
    Thursday, January 27th, 2011
    Your pics are great!! Glad you had a great trip,looks like you and Katie had a nice time.:)
  4. Katie
    Friday, January 28th, 2011
    So much fun!