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shane :: senior

there is something about the energy surrounding a senior that i love. i think its just the feeling that anything is possible and so many new challenges ahead that gets me excited when i meet a high school senior. i love meeting new people and hearing their stories … or more so at this age, their dreams. they usually don’t know exactly what they want to do but that’s the beauty of it in my opinion. i’m excited for them to go off and experience meeting new people and seeing other areas. I [also coming from the hudsonville bubble] know it was healthy and hard at times when i went off to college, even though mine wasn’t too far away from home.

shane’s graduation day is a little closer than most of my seniors, may 20. as in 8 days. so his excitement was contagious. we met yesterday at what i like to call, his second home. the baseball field. he plays right field for hudsonville high and is obviously pretty good at it because he is off to college this fall to play ball for IPFW. he doesn’t know exactly what he is going to study, but he’s ready to pursue his passion for now, baseball. which is perfect. coming from a ‘not much older peer’ … take all the time you need and just enjoy life. enjoy playing ball because someday you will miss it like i do. soak in every minute and make new friends. some of my best friends today are unique amazing people i met at college. so excited for what God has in store for shane.


i’m loving these action shots …

[we had to get one of him texting … supposedly he does that alot 😉 ]

good luck shane! so happy i got to meet you and document such an exciting time in your life.



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  1. Brittany Frye
    Sunday, May 22nd, 2011
    awww soo cute shaner!!! Good job sisterrrr