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seejon :: senior

It is soooo refreshing to have a senior boy with some major style. Seejon stepped out of the car with his skinny black pants and army boots with a tie and I was already freaking out. I love a guy with a sense of style. On top of his amazing outfits, he has quite the amazing personality too and from what I can tell … him and his friends have a great sense of humor too.

When I’m shooting a senior session, its always exciting because of where they are in their life. I’m sure that’s how any older person looks at a younger person … excited for whats to come because it only gets better. But also excited because hopefully for most of us, we can look back at our senior year and smile. Of course we have some ‘I wish I would have done that differently’ but for the most part … senior year is just a blast. I made sure to take a few slacker classes and would highly recommend that. And we all know how I love fresh starts and just a clean slate and that’s also how I look at senior year. More so senior year is not the actual fresh start but the exciting time leading up to it … so its the year of dreaming big. And I love dreaming. You get to choose a direction to go in … and although it usually doesn’t go as you had planned [because God has his own plans] its still a fun and wild ride.

Good luck Seejon on your last year in high school, I know whatever path you choose … you will rock it. So great meeting you and getting to know you!




p.s. a big thank you to his mother Janelle too who was so sweet and loved meeting her as well

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