Leah Mullett Photography

Samantha : Senior

Okay I admit … I have a pretty amazing job here at Lamar and also doing photography … its what I love. BUT I must say … babysitting three little girls for the summer and laying out at the pool relaxing and having fun with them wasn’t too bad either. I babysat Samantha, Mackenzie, and Delaney for 3 summers when I was in high school and the memories will always stick with me. Not only was it about the best shape I was ever in because these girls are so athletic, but we had so much fun together! I remember I usually tried to plan in activities … whether it was arts and crafts, games, swimming, beach day, etc … it was always an adventure. And to this day I won’t forget they always stole my gum out of my car. Gum Stealer’s!!!

I actually started playing with their mom’s SLR camera there and that is where my photography journey began! So of course it was sooooo easy to photograph Samantha again for her senior pictures! Not only is she gorgeous but I love Samantha’s personality! She is such a go getter and super smart! I have a feeling when she is all grown up and married someday … her house is going to be that house that is super organized and soooo put together and yeah, basically what I wish mine was! I am going to take some of all 3 girls again here soon so check back! And maybe some more of Samantha if I’m lucky!

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