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Our weekend

It was our first weekend of the new year spent at home, we decided to not go to the cabin in hopes of working on some projects around the house. Its crazy how we always make a list of our projects for the weekend and when Sunday night comes, we’ve usually only accomplished one of the four. Part of having children I guess and always under bidding the job. Our projects usually go like this, Leah wants and dreams up ideas, Matthew does. “Hunny Do’s” I believe they’re called. Its not that I wouldn’t love to do them myself but someone has to care for the babes.

So we [and by we I mean Matt] painted Levi’s room! I am so in love with it! It was a faux ralph lauren olive green paint that I did when we originally moved in, which I always loved but I just felt like it was starting to get outdated. So we went for white! I love the simple, clean look! I’m really trying to go for simplicity around here with my decorating nowadays. Of course when I get my house done, clutter will be back in style but whatever, you can’t win.

So here is our before and after! Don’t mind the pile of clothes, you should have seeeeeen our house all weekend. Stunk. I hate living in a mess but glad its over and our house is all put back together!


IMG_9872 copy


IMG_9946 copy

I’m so in love with it and can’t wait to share his whole nursery [wait, can I even call it that anymore?! TEARS!!] on here soon!

The rest of our weekend was filled with a trip to the groomer for Zoey and us checking out the animals in the pet store, dinner at my mother in law’s who is thee best cook/baker ever [she doesn’t help with the diet], church, lots of movies + snuggles while its been snowing here finally, and dinner out with the fam! Great low key weekend! Hope everyone had a happy weekend + Monday too! XO, Leah

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