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Our Weekend

Hello Monday! Our to do list is long but we’re excited for the week over here … but still dreaming about this weekend. We spent it up north at our cabin in northern Michigan and although it didn’t snow as much as we would have liked, Levi still had a great weekend. If this little guy gets to be outside at all in a day, he’s one happy camper. Our trip up there, which is a three hour drive didn’t go as good as we would have liked so we stopped for an hour and had some dinner to give the kids a break. Normally Levi is amazing at long trips but I think when Clare started to cry, and we had forgotten the iPad for a movie … he just joined sister with some screaming. It was super relaxing.

Once we got there it was all snowmobiling, sledding, and for sissy … blowing bubbles & being held 24-7. This is what Matthew has been looking forward to since before we talked about having children, someday taking them snowmobiling. So I’m not sure who was happier, him or Levi. And can we just talk about how Levi is such a little stud muffin in his snowmobile outfit. I think he feels like a badass in it too …

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This photo just cracks me up. Clare seriously is blowing bubbles/making fart noises all day, ‘eery day!

ourweekendblog 8

Hope this Monday hasn’t been too bad for you all! I know this is a shocker but I plan to blog everyday this week! I just have so much to share between Levi’s actual birthday party, sessions I’ve shot recently [there are so many to share on here!], and a little update on Clare bear. Stay tuned!



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