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Our Halloween Weekend

This past weekend snuck up on me, straight up flew by, and next thing you knew I woke up Sunday morning, first day of November … all confused why Matt let me sleep until 10am when we had to get ready for church?! I seriously was so confused, got ready for church just going off my phone thinking Levi must have messed with my alarm clock [this happens on a daily basis] … pulled into church and said, “Now why is this clock wrong too in the truck?!” Wow. Took me that long. I normally am ON it with the time change, but I’m still in denial it’s November I think.

We had such a busy halloween weekend, which I’m sure everyone can attest to that! Matthew kept saying to everyone that I definitely was having more fun than the kids were, might be true. I was giggling the whole time we were getting them ready & then while we were driving from place to place I kept looking back and smiling at them. They were just so darn cute! I went back & forth on what to dress them up as, and finally decided on some cute + cuddly costumes because its only so long your son will let you do that, so I totally took full advantage of that and went with my little farm animals! Levi is OBSESSED with horses & sheep, so it was a lot easier convincing him to wear it all day & he giggled at sissy a lot in her little lamb costume.

imageAt Levi’s age we decided to more so just visit friends + family and hit up a few houses by them verses doing a full trick or treating, house to house. Which if you’re from Michigan, you know how crappy the weather was. Ugh, it was awful! And then of course the next day was gorgeous & the day before halloween too. Figures. Now we’re having 70 degree days in November too. Michigan weather is so crazy I tell ya, but it always works out that halloween has poop weather it seems.

So we drove and visited grandparents, great grandparents, and tried to end at my parent’s house where all 7 cousins were together for a photo opt. Of course by then Levi was DONE. He was perfect at every other house and the one time I really wanted him to be good, nope. Done. So the photo of all 7 is with Levi screaming on the ground. And this photo with dad too …


imageI about died when we put Clare’s costume on. I love the more homemade costumes but it just wasn’t happening this year with how much work I have going on right now and not to mention, I loved these costumes when I saw them online. Probably thee cutest little lamb butt/tail I ever did see …

image   image image image


image  image  imageSunday was so gorgeous out we spent as much time outside as possible. Wagon rides were a huge hit. Along with LOTS of leaf blowing. If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen Levi’s amazing yard work skills. He is obsessed with blowing leaves. If Matthew even ATTEMPTS to leaf blow without Levi, he hears it from inside and straight up FLIPS OUT. So leaf blowing, walks, burgers on the grill, and wagon rides filled our Sunday. Oh and I attempted to take a photo of Clare inside with her costume. Once again, my kids are turds when it comes to photos, I swear.



Jumping back to Friday, we still hadn’t carved pumpkins … I’m telling you, we’ve been super busy lately so that is my excuse! We had a pumpkin carving night over at my sister’s with her kiddos and it was a fun night. Pizza + pumpkin carving. They go hand in hand right?! Levi was EH about carving, he loved pretending he was helping but wouldn’t put his hand IN the pumpkin of course. So Matthew carved it with him & my nephew Morgan helped me carve Clare’s. Fun night as well.

IMG_7029 IMG_7030


IMG_7083 IMG_7084

Of course we finished our weekend with bath galore’s + lots of teeth brushing for the mister! Hope everyone had a safe + fun halloween weekend! XO, Leah


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