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Nick + Michaela :: Engagement

I knew when the babies started coming that I would have to slow down photography wise. And I was okay with that. Still am. I absolutely love being a mama, it is thee BEST job I’ve ever had. Also the hardest. [And lets not forget about that waitressing job I had back in college.] But I also knew I always wanted to continue working after kids [part time] and that continuing doing photography was something I had to do for myself.

The past two summers/falls have been all about finding that balance. I feel like that is always a part of life, trying to find balance in everything. Being an awesome mother, entrepreneur, wife, daughter, sister, friend, the list goes on and on as you all know. Even if you’re not a mother yet, life is just busy. The past two years I’ve been very busy growing & having babies as you all know, it sometimes feels like a blur! But behind the scenes I’ve still been meeting some amazing people & photographing exciting times in their lives! I just absolutely love it & so excited to finally share so many sessions with you on here!

First up is Michaela + Nick who were recently married & this couple just has a very special place in my heart. I love it when clients turn into friends, it just makes my heart oh so happy! Enjoy!

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