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my baby shower

November was pretty insane for me with four baby showers. I am sooooo thankful for each and every shower and the hardwork that went into each and every single one of them. I know first hand that they are a lot of work but they are so much fun to throw as well. My sisters and I enjoy throwing showers so much. Well, if you asked Tara and Brittany today they might say differently because they are still exhausted but we really do love planning and pulling together something unique and creative to celebrate.

They decided to keep everything a secret from me while planning, which was kinda fun. I had no idea where they were throwing it, the theme, food, nada. So when I got my invite and read that the shower was at a restaurant that my little sister works at I was so surprised. The restaurant is closed on Sunday, so we had the whole place to ourselves but used the back little room and seating area and it was perfect! I walked in to a room full of all my favorite ladies and was blown away by my sister’s amazing work. Blown away.

I’ve always been a sucker for native american anything. So they nailed it with the teepee’s and arrows in the vases. Oh and the rabbit fur … antlers, logs, crates, and holy beautiful floral arrangements. My super talented friend Rhiannon from Hey Gorgeous Events put these babies together and I about died when I saw the birch vases [she is amazingggggg people, check out her site and a million instagram followers]. She knows me all to well.

After we enjoyed our panera bread broccoli cheddar or chicken noodle soup with a baguette, salad, and veggie cup … we did a quick little mad libs game [which have always been my favorite] and I have yet to read them all. Tara and Brittany are going to bind them all into a book to keep and read through with Matthew, can’t wait for that. While everyone filled out their cards, they were sipping on some yummy hot cocoa from the hot cocoa bar. Delish. I then got to open up presents and boy am I so thankful for all the amazing goodies baby Mullett got. It gets a little more ‘real’ when you open up these teeny tiny little onesies and I loved showing Matt all the gifts when I got home and re-going through them. After gifts, everyone stuffed their faces with some yummy pumpkin spice donuts from a local farm, post family farm. Holy cow were those yummy. I’m not sure how many I had but who is counting … besides the scale … crap.

























I also was surprised that everyone brought a book for the baby and wrote a sweet note in the inside cover for me to read to him or her someday. I loved reading how certain books have such a special place in their hearts and they are sharing that with me. Oh and the super cute invite has to be shared …


And of course I have to share my shower through ‘the iphone’. Thank you so much to each and every person who came and celebrated with me. I love you all soooo much and can’t wait to meet baby M with all of you!




Can’t believe all four showers are done and now its time to get this nursery organized with all these amazing gifts! Its a little overwhelming but in a good way. Good thing nesting is in full swing.

Thank you soooo much from the bottom of my heart sisters!!! I will never forget it and cherish the memories forever! Aaaaaand totally using these amazing crafts in the nursery 😉

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