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morgan :: senior

i really enjoyed spending some time with morgan and her mother and chatting about her dreams to become a photographer as well. you know how every year you get older [and i’m talking to people that are twenty and even fifty year olds] you obviously … or hopefully get smarter and then you start looking back and thinking oh only if i knew then what i know now. or … i was so young and dumb then! i’m only twenty four but i’m pretty sure this is something i will constantly do. i say this because when i hang out with seniors for a night i often times find myself looking back and reminiscing and trying to think of where i was emotionally and mentally at as a senior and better relate with them of where they’re at in life. it wasn’t too long ago so i can still do this and often times find myself laughing to myself because of all my ‘stresses’ in life … yes i know some seniors do have real stresses but other things that you just didn’t need to worry about. for me i guess its more so the fact that i didn’t just sit down and do my homework enough, i never made a schedule or routine and always was go go and just managed to get by with good grades my high school years … how?? … i’m not quite sure. so if i could morph back to my senior year in high school i would say to myself … someday leah, you will be super organized and have a routine and its a-mazing. so do it now! organize your time, life, room, have a routine and keep to it. it makes life go so much smoother. i always saw myself as super organized during that time in my life but it wasn’t. maybe my desk, locker, car and planner were but not my life. i tried to do way to much and sometimes have this little thing where my mind just leaves and wonders off when trying to read something. does anyone else have this?! lol.

like i said, everyone is different but thats what goes through my mind when i’m hanging out with these inspiring young people. especially morgan. she has such a good head on her shoulders and is pretty sure she knows what she wants to do already which is awesome and i definitely respect her for that. i love her beautiful fair skin and had such a blast hanging out with her and listening to her ideas on life and the photography world. they were such troopers when i took them to some pretty crazy ‘out there’ spots around grand rapids. thanks for spending some time with me and bringing me back to that exciting time in your life … senior year. enjoy it morgan!





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  1. Morgan
    Thursday, October 6th, 2011
    Leah I LOVE them!!!! I am very happy with how they turned out! Thanks again! :)
  2. Corrine
    Friday, October 7th, 2011
    Great Pictures! Morgan, I cannot believe this is your senior year already! I still remember babysitting you and your sisters. :)