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mila :: newborn

once again, mila is gracing our presence here on the blog. after sharing with you all her birth story, i’m excited to have her on the blog once again [and i can promise you this won’t be the last]. mila was a surprise gift from God and she is growing everyday so much and love the fact that we’re in the smiling stage now. very excited when she will start making some noise [besides crying] and can’t wait for her to start giggling! she already has started to recognize her hands, which is always a fun stage too. i’ve always had a love for natural newborn photography so we wanted to capture every little adorable part of mila [fingers, toes, and so much more] and really remember all the beautiful delicate parts of this newborn baby. geesh, i just love babies … like the rest of the woman in the world. she even decided to fall asleep for us for a little bit. so funny because brit and i were in the room waiting for her to fall asleep with the lights off and quite soft sleepy classical music on and we figured my mom would come up and find us passed out sleeping and snoring with mila wide awake. fortunately, that didn’t happen. but it was close.

love this little munchkin sooooo much and so proud with how great of a mother brittany has turned out to be. and speaking of mothers, happy birthday today to my beautiful, loving mother. of course i wouldn’t be here without her, but she has done so much more for me in my life and i am so thankful for her. hope she has a wonderful day today.




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  1. Stacey
    Friday, August 3rd, 2012
    I love the pics, Leah!! Especially this lat one where she's so alert :)