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this wasn’t my first time watching a baby being born, i had watched my little brother come into this world when i was twelve years old, but this experience was like no other i have ever had. with jalen’s birth, i was basically hiding behind a curtain scared for my life and what was happening. with mila’s birth … i was up front and center, holding on to brittany’s leg as she pushed. one of THEE best experiences of my life. coming from tara, someone who has had children, it was such a different experience being on the other side of a delivery. not too many woman get to experience to be on the ‘other side’ of a delivery and i know this is a life experience i will cherish forever. to be there when my little baby sister, brings a new little life into this world, i’m speechless to this day. and anyone who takes this miracle of childbirth lightly is insane. God is truly amazing and i couldn’t stop thinking about that this whole day.

of course i have to tell the ‘birth story’ from my end, the birth partner. my little sister was single at the time so as soon as she found out she was pregnant it was like us three sisters were a team. throughout her pregnancy, tara and i quickly became her rock and support and tried to help her make the right decisions throughout her pregnancy. we were the ones with the phone calls of tears [pregnancy hormones are scary], tara registered with brittany, and i often times was keeping her busy with movie nights and a few trips to the ice cream shop [still working off my pregnancy weight] as most of her college friends continued on with their lives that she had to leave behind … which was a total blessing. God works in amazing ways and mila is SUCH a blessing and we are so happy that God blessed brittany with such an amazing gift and we love her to death.

it was my nephew morgan’s 4th birthday party on saturday, may 26. balloons, cake, sno-cones, and a bounce house in the back yard. tara had all the neighbor kids and morgans friends over to play and lets just say, it was a crazy house. brittany arrived and told us about her labor pains throughout the whole night but it had been going on for a few days now so she wasn’t sure when to call the doctor. we decided to just wait it out until her contractions were closer. i personally do not know the pain but i know from others, that its terrible. so every once in awhile, brittany would stop talking and walk away breathing funny and we knew to just give her some space. i ended up running some errands after the party and brittany stayed with tara. i was picking out my flowers for my house and got the call, its time to go. funniest story of this whole thing, tara jumps in the car after freaking out and packing her ‘spousal bag’ in a hurry, turns to brittany and says, “you ready?” … I was in my car waiting for them to pull out when I see brittany fling open the door laughing so hard [while having a contraction mind you] and I come to see that tara didn’t even realize she only had one lens in her sunglasses. she didn’t even notice. that’s how much she was freaking out, just like a total male birth partner.

once we settled in at the hospital they told us that she was definitely in active labor and had been for quite some time but was stuck at a 3 and they would like to see her further along. some woman seem to have 3-6 hour labor with 15 minutes of pushing, but my family seems to have a history of looooong labors that drag on forever. MIGHT just be one of the reasons why i do not have children yet 😉 just kidding … but its scary. tara was in labor for 28 hours with both babies and brittany was no different. we ended up going home for a few more hours and having her labor at home until it got to the point where she couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. i remember her saying saturday afternoon that the pain was a 6 and it hurt so bad and then fast forward 10 hours and she is crying and can barely speak and is at a 10 for pain. this made the doctors happy, not that she was in so much pain but that she was ready for an epidural and had made some progress. here we’re at about 16+ hours of labor.

11:30pm – brittany soaked in a nice relaxing bubble bath, this made her feel somewhat better

1:00am – headed to the hospital

4:00am – epidural

5:00am – sleep time

1am we headed to the hospital, you can figure out while looking at the photos where the epidural came in. before … for some reason, the door made brittany feel better and get through her contractions. hence her leaning her head against it. tara and i just figured, whatever works. after the epidural at 4am, she finally got to catch some sleep along with tara and i whom were sharing a very small, uncomfortable bed that we called the matchbox car, because that is seriously how big it was. it was ridiculous. i’ve never slept so crappy in my life. tara’s feet in my face, mine in hers, one blanket … terrible terrible. so remember that when looking at photos of us.

there were a few times we had to remind brittany that she was eventually going to come out, she was progressing so slowly that i think at one point brittany said lets just go home, i can’t do this anymore. welp brit, you really don’t have a choice. of course we said it in the sweetest way possible.

finally at 4pm, we got the go to start pushing. this is where i saw that super strong, college athlete brittany come out and get the job done like she always does. she asked the doctor what time he thought she could have her and he said anytime between 4:15-4:30 and she was such an awesome pusher! my mom ended up coming in the room at the last minute and so glad she got to be apart of it as well. i knew i would cry but didn’t expect to be balling and snorting like a pig and then i look over and tara has toilet paper stuck to her cheeks from crying and my mom is making weird crying noises in my ear. it was great. haha. we were a bunch of hot messes. so at 4:11 Mila Rae Frye was born and seriously, such a beautiful moment and i loved and am so honored i got to be there and be apart of it and also that she has my middle name. [total of 26+ hours of labor, go brit] mila came out perfect as ever and we were so thankful. its crazy how much they change, newborns really aren’t that cute if you be honest. i mean, they go through a lot to get out … that’s traumatizing! but of course, i think and thought mila was adorable when she came out, even with her little piggie nose that i’m pretty sure slid down the wrong way while going down the ‘canal’. don’t worry, we’re good now.

as i work on catching up, i can’t wait to share her newborn photos and eventually you all know photos of mila will be all over this blog, just like irelyn and morgan. i absolutely love being an aunt and giving my sister’s back their kids when i want to go home to my quiet peaceful house. its amazing. i did my best to capture some photos while trying to be the best damn birth partner anyone could ask for so here is my experience with it all through every camera i own.



p.s. if you can’t tell we are totally obsessed with our doctor, Dr. Verkaik who is amazing! and so were all of our nurses! zeeland hospital does such a great job making you feel at home, besides their ‘guest’ bed … that’s a joke.


this is her ‘oh sh**’ face

those are some off the charts contractions folks …

best birth partners eva

don’t mind Irelyn’s tat … she’s pretty B.A.

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  1. Brittany
    Thursday, July 19th, 2012
    I absolutely love it!
  2. Jordan H.
    Thursday, July 19th, 2012
    This post was pretty funny Leah thanks for posting:) I delivered at Zeeland also, and I had Julie as my nurse(I saw her name on the room board) She was the best nurse I've ever had! She was wonderful. She actually delivered Tristen. It's really neat that you girls got to be a part of this.
  3. Kaylin
    Friday, July 20th, 2012
    Leah - what a great story! How special it must have been to be involved! :)