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So excited to introduce my new little niece Isla Gene Ulberg. She was born this past Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at exactly 7:00pm, weighing 7lbs 9oz, and 20-1/2 inches long. What a little peanut. I have to say, I was and still am so blown away that we got another girl! This is my sister Tara and her husband Lucas’s third child and with all three of them they didn’t find out what they were having or share the names. And I loved it. It makes it so exciting!

Tara’s due date was January 31. I hoped and figured she wouldn’t go full term because this poor girl was huge! Her belly that is. [Later found out she had so much water, the doctor said he’s never seen anything like it]. She was so uncomfortable, which seems to be the thing at end of everyone’s pregnancies, but this was far worse than her other two. Her poor little feetsies were the size of an elephants. Maybe with having two small children at home, she just couldn’t slow down or rest as much as she should have so Isla Gene came a little early. I was already looking forward to Wednesday, Tara and I had planned a much needed Spa Day and were so excited for our pedicures and massages! Wednesday morning I was waken up by my phone ringing at 6am. I was super confused and then all of a sudden it hit me and I answered, “You’re in labor aren’t you!??” Yup, my water broke she said. Figures, on the one day we had a ‘fun spa day’ planned. So I threw some stuff in a bag and flew out the door with no idea how my day was going to go. I had already committed to watching my other niece, Mila from 8-1pm so I was driving into a storm. Me … three small children. YIKES!

Tara was feeling pretty good still once I arrived. Her water had never broke at home so she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The other two kids had taken her 28+ hours of labor and the same happened to Brit. So Lucas and Tara left and I had no idea how the rest of my week was going to go. Being a planner … yeah, that didn’t bother me at allllllll. So I just did my best to keep all three children alive until Brittany arrived from School. After lots of questions from Morgan about mom wearing Irelyn’s pull ups when she left … we played games and talked about what we thought the baby would be!! Girl, boy … they were so excited.

In the afternoon I attempted to clean and do some laundry for Tara. Funniest thing, I cleaned the living room floor of toys and Morgan says,

“There, now my mom can vacuum tonight”

“Well Morgan, mommy isn’t coming home tonight”

His look on his face was like WTH.


“Well mommy has to stay at the hospital because she had a baby”

“Soooo … she’s not coming home tonight?!?!!!”

I seriously don’t know what was more difficult. Cleaning, caring and feeding the children, or answering all Morgan’s questions.

7:30pm we finally got the call. I made sure to tell Lucas that Brittany and I did not want to know the sex of the baby until we got to the hospital. So we turned off our cell phones [so no one would slip and tell us the sex], threw the three kids in Brit’s small SUV and we were off, driving as fast as we could … safely with 3 children … oh and of course honoring the speed limits.

I seriously walked in the room like WHERE IS HE? LET ME HOLD HIM! And Brit goes OMG, ITS A GIRL! Soooo surprised and so fun!

The next few days was spent snuggling with our new little family member and helping take care of the other kids. Oh and trying to sneak in some work. Isla did have some troubles with her temperature the first two days so she spent some time in an incubator. Thankfully she is home and all good now, they just think she was ‘stunned’ being out and on her own. And technically she is a preemie. I managed to sneak a few photos of Isla of course. Lets get real here … newborns are sometimes scary looking. But as woman … of COURRRSE they are adorable. No matter what we think they’re cute. I honestly think Tara has some pretty darn cute babies … I mean look at the other two. And Isla looks EXACTLY like Morgan and Irelyn did when they were born, so we know she is safe. But there was a mini cone head and some old lady lips. Love those old lady lips. Irelyn had them too. And tons of black hair! Which will soon turn super blonde. Guaranteed. Toe-head.

Back in the office today! Should probably facetime Isla soon … its been 2 hours.



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Love their new family of 5. Crazy how their family really seems ‘complete’ now. Oh and Morgan’s dorky smile. So cute.

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  1. Stephany VanderMeer
    Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
    What a beautiful family!! You guys do look complete :) CONGRATS!! And great photography Leah!!