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matt + miranda :: just because

its finally friday and it snowed. which leaves me sitting here working and smiling ear to ear. i absolutely LOVE snow, and that might have something to do with snowmobiling and northern michigan. my blog has been a bit neglected this week but for good reasons. i’ve been concentrating on albums and emails, along with christmas shopping and spending time with my family. speaking of christmas shopping, i never thought i would ever say this so early into december but i’m almost done. oooohhhh snap. something that has been on my goal list for years upon years in december is to complete my shopping before december 24 and i think i may finally be able to cross that off the bucket list. i’ll revisit that topic though when i’m for sure done.

we all love the friday favorites but i decided to share with you some sessions that happened but i never got around to sharing instead. miranda is one of my very best friends and just so happens to be my cousin. i absolutely love this girl. she’s honest, funny, easy going, and real. this past summer we met at her parent’s farm with her husband matt and their adorable dog they adopted, linkin. such an adorable family if i do say so myself. and gotta love my fellow young married with a dog friends. 😉 they’ve been married for three years now so this is what i like to call, ‘just because’ session. we played around in my uncle’s wheat fields. yeah, i know. i love wheat fields too.


meet linkin. he’s part of the prins gang.

randi and i are seven months apart and forgive us for our weirdness. its something we’ve shared forever. we’re super goofy together and hence the reason why we are so close and have a secret name for one another.

it was getting dark but we ventured out deep into the country and found a gem of a spot. fit these two perfectly. the sun was almost completely down but we shot for a bit longer and had such a fun night together. so excited to finally be sharing these with you. i couldn’t just keep them to myself any longer.



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  1. Leigh Onken
    Friday, December 9th, 2011
    Sexiest couple EVER!!!! Love these two:)