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mallory + ben :: wedding

after shooting leigh and trevor’s wedding the day before i thought i would wake up and feel whooped like i usually do after shooting a wedding. but instead i woke up with some crazy energy and totally pumped to have another day filled with love and seeing another amazing couple get married. i really do care so much for all my couples. they have a special place in my heart, each and every one of them. after hearing their story of how they met on their engagement session in grand haven, i loved hearing more stories throughout their wedding day from other people’s perspectives when these two started dating. the best man mentioned in his speech that the night ben and mallory met was at his house and he first met mallory when she told him he had to take his shoes off because the sign on the door said so. he then proceeded to tell her that he didn’t think he had to because it was his house. well the sign on the door says take your shoes off so you should. SO mallory and thats what i love so much about her personality. and there couldn’t be a better fit then these two. her feist-iness and his sarcasm mashes perfect. so much fun to be around these two. you will definitely laugh the whole night and have a good time.

of course as soon as the couple got to see eachother for the first time on their wedding day, it started raining. tara and i became meteorologist and immediately told ben and mallory the plan. i’m a natural light photographer and although churches are great, nothing beats the outdoors and the natural light and mallory agreed we didn’t want those traditional church photos so we waited the storm out. it was such an awesome storm too. after the storm cleared we headed outside to what could have been the best light ever. the sun came out and was shining like crazy and sooner than we thought we didn’t even need an umbrella.

after the ceremony we headed to the beach to grab some shots with more sunshine and the whole bridal party was so fun. which continued throughout the night with lots of dancing and celebrating. the whole day was beautiful and even though i was totally pooped after the double header, i was so excited to have shared the weekend with two amazing couples and see them both get hitched. i love my job.

congrats you two.


i loved this idea. ben gave his groomsmen belt buckles for their gifts … so we had to show them off a bit.

ben was pretty nice to mallory during the cake cutting … but not so much to her friend who was standing a little too close to him …

i just love these shots of mallory singing and dancing away …


happy wednesday.



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  1. Leigh Onken
    Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
  2. Mallory
    Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
    LEAH!! They are AMAZING!!! Your right, dispite the crazy weather ALL of the pics turned out soo perfect! You are FANTASTIC!!!
  3. Sandy
    Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
    Love these Leah! Fun for me to see since I was in her parents wedding. Mallory you are beautiful!
  4. Valerie Mulder
    Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
    I Looovvvvveee these!!! Congrats again :) love you! xoxoxoxo