Leah Mullett Photography

Life Lately & Photography Plans

Hello little blog. I absolutely love writing & blogging all together and I definitely need to make it a priority and more time for this space of mine. It was a crazy busy summer as always, I can’t believe FALL is right around the corner which means so is the birth of this sweet babe!

I honestly have been just taking some time the past year and really focusing on being ‘present’ with my children. Along with getting settled into our new home, purging, organizing, oh and growing a baby all awhile keeping two toddlers alive. So more so those last two things verses the first few things I listed. I of course am always snapping photos of them, just never have time to share on the blog.

So many things are changing in life though. My journey with photography has been pretty crazy when I really think about it. I absolutely love it but what I have wanted more than anything else in life is a family & children. I am so thankful for these little babes and have been continuing shooting weddings throughout the years of having babies, every year less and less as I add in more kiddos. Makes sense right? Last fall was pretty rough for me in the photo department, with the move, living with my parents and still trying to figure out how to work from home with two toddlers on my own drove me into a pretty dark time. I was staying up super late trying to edit [sometimes never sleeping], then waking super early trying to be the best mom I could be. I was run down big time. Super unhealthy. I felt like God was calling me to take a break and focus on my children and being a mother. But I wasn’t sure if that was just me wanting that or what he wanted me to do. I prayed about it for months. We moved, Christmas and the new year came, and a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant with our third. It was my clear sign from God, this is where I’m at in life right now and to enjoy it and focus on this. I was super content with that and scared shitless happy.

I had met with a bride 2 days before I found out I was pregnant to discuss her Mexico wedding in December which I was so so pumped about. I had not had the opportunity in my years of doing photography to go somewhere like that to photograph a wedding. So that was the only thing I was bummed about, thankfully she totally understood and was very excited for us. My best friend is shooting the wedding and all is well. I definitely will be staying off social media that week though probably sitting on the couch with a baby on my boob trying not to think about it. Would have loved to do both but I of course am so thankful and excited for this sweet babe, I know it’ll be amazing staying home with him or her. Also telling Matthew that about his canceled Elk hunt out west. A baby and those newborn snuggles are way better and we’re going to enjoy every minute of it!

So my 2018 is going to be a very different year for me. I’m continuing to do some portrait sessions for friends, family, and past clients that I have always photographed. I’m not letting this passion go. It definitely does not define me, but I enjoy it so I am going to keep doing it! I already have several weddings I am second shooting and someday when the kiddos are older, I’d love to photograph my own weddings again. Its seriously just the editing load that I can not keep up with with two [let alone three!] little ones. Unless I did full time daycare, which Matthew and I decided against for our own personal reasons. Matthew also started a new job this year which isn’t near as flexible so scheduling sessions has been difficult. For the longest time I was confused & frustrated with what to do and what God wanted me to do, it was like all of a sudden we had a really hard month and then things lined up and it was like BAM … no doubt about it this is what is best for us right now and our growing family.

So again, I’m not DONE, I never will be. In fact I just purchased a new camera and plan on staying in the grove! I’m booked for the remainder of the year [before baby] with portrait sessions but if you’re interested in a session next year, email me at hello@leahmullett.com … would love to chat and get out of the house every so often and play with the camera and capture some photos for your family or even engagement or a just because session! Until then though, I’m focusing on finishing up my editing from 2017, shooting a few more weddings this month, and prepping for baby!!! I can’t believe he or she will be here in less than 8 weeks [fingers crossed its not like Clare with the whole two weeks late thing].

So that is where I’m at in life, and I couldn’t be happier. So so blessed and I am so so thankful. I definitely have a road in front of me figuring out how to manage 3 littles under the age of 4 but with God’s help, I’ll make it through with some awesome little human beings and a happy husband lol. So hope you all don’t mind but you’ll be seeing mostly photos of my life, kids, updates, house projects, vacations, fun times, and baby bumps on here once I can MAKE the time to blog regularly. I have been transitioning to blogging more about that anyway over the years and really enjoying it. Maybe even sharing a few tips on things I’ve learned because I love to share, I’m sure some venting sessions and a few things in between, post-pardon fun too! [ugh dreading that already]

Clare bear and I snuck outside for 10 minutes after dinner and after the sun went down to snap a few photos in front of our soybean field across our house. Yes I call these fields ours. I just love when they’re all green like that, we’re about the last one left that hasn’t turned yellow yet I swear!

She is such a little sweetheart & is loving her new unicorn! Or as she calls it … her ‘acorn’. Happy Thursday! Off to a doctors appointment to check on little Mullett #3!

xoxo, Leah