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Lexi : Senior

 4 Silly girls went out on an adventure yesterday … Leah, Brittany, Rhonda, & Lexi … and boy did we have a blast! Between Rhonda not feeling “comfortable” (we’ll just say) and the leaves that felt like bats and the confusing stories … we laughed a lot. I always have a lot of fun when I’m with these girls! Lets just say we giggle a lot. The quote of the night “Oh … I only know Harry” … when we were taking about Twilight (there is no Harry in Twilight) It’s okay Rhonda … we still love you even though you weren’t following our stories. (I think you just had to be there) But fact of the matter is … we have fun!

Lexi is into diving! HOW FUN! I can’t wait to go take some pictures of her actually DIVING! Like most of my senior sessions lately … I’ll be taking some more of Lexi soon… I just have these family friends that I got to take more of and come on … isn’t Lexi GORGEOUS!!! So I can’t wait! I had a fun playing with the sun flare on this session too! And we totally had to take one by the biker bar because well … lets be honest … Lexi totally looks like a BA Biker girl.

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  1. Harry
    Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
    Thank you Twilight : ) We had a great time as well...These turned out great I can not wait to see the rest. You do awesome work, keep it up. Thanks again!