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Levi’s 2nd Birthday Party

I’ve been excited to share for awhile now Levi’s 2nd birthday party we had the day before his birthday. Still hasn’t hit me we have a TWO year old in the house now! Some days I’m like, ‘yup … terrible two’s is in full swing’ but then again, I feel like its more like terrible one + a half.

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Something I actually really enjoy is planning & putting together little birthday parties. Pinterest parties some call them. I honestly just LOVE planning them and it has nothing to do with ‘what people think’. In fact, most of my family could care less if the table scheme looks cute & they usually mess it up before I can take photos of it, wondering whats the big deal. My family is also notorious for complaining about my sister’s & I throwing big parties for every birthday so I decided I wasn’t going to be THAT person who threw a big birthday bash every year [although I really do want to be THAT person].

The Sunday before Levi’s birthday we just had immediate family over to celebrate the little man and I tried to not do too much but of course had to do a few things! My biggest concern was to make the following day [his actual birthday] FUN + different for Levi [check out how we made it special here]. Over here, we celebrate birthdays for a week atleasssttt. Mine is usually a month celebration. I love birthdays. I was super bummed that I ordered this adorable “2” sparkler candle & it didn’t arrive until the day after his birthday but it worked out because we still had some family member’s coming over to visit and celebrate so we used it then. I know he isn’t going to remember this but I’m pretty sure he felt pretty darn special that week, more than normal of course!

So hopefully this helps any mama’s out there who are considering throwing a small birthday party for their little one and gives you some ideas how to do a it on a smaller scale but yet feed that party planning part of you. I am really proud of myself for making Levi’s cake this year! As most of you know, this is NOT my thing but I think I’m a better baker than cooker … I did a two layer vanilla cake with the whipped frosting and ended up using the same little tree’s I got for his first birthday party & threw them on there! Simple + cute!

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His new thing is to wave goodbye to everything.

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I of course got the garland idea from good ole pinterest! Super easy to make, a little time consuming but arts + craft time is almost therapeutic for me, and mama needed some therapeutic time for sure! Just some white twine, scrapbook paper, yarn needle, scissors, hot glue and some feathers. I also had my cousin make him a shirt that had ‘TWO’ sown onto it but you can’t see it in any of the photos darn it. I just bought a long sleeve shirt from old navy for $3, and felt sheets from hobby lobby for a couple cents and she was nice enough to quick hand sew them on there for me. He’ll definitely be wearing it year long!

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Something that has been on my Levi’s wish list for quite a while is a tee pee! I am so so so in love with this one from house in habit! [links are at bottom of post] I had been on the hunt for the perfect one & screamed in excitement when I found this one! My older sister has the land of nod striped one which I always loved but I knew I wanted one that looked a bit more like an authentic native american indian teepee seeing that his room is somewhat cowboy/indian themed. I did read that it was 6ft tall which I loved but I guess I never really thought or cared about how wide it was because I knew I had to have it, even if it barely fits in our little house right now. We plan to move soon so I don’t regret getting it for him, but until then its going to just take up a lot of room in our small house. I’m going to try to move it from our living room into his room soon and replace the rocking chair [TEARS] but I honestly think he’ll play with it more in our living room. And you can see who has taken up residency in there. I seriously can’t find her sometimes and like, oh yeah, she’s in the teepee. Pretty sure she thinks it’s her new glorified dog house. But both Levi + Zoey are loving the new ‘teep’ as levi calls it. I love that he can just walk right in without ducking down at all right now, its so cute. We’ve already read lots of books in there. Yes, I can fit in there. Barely, but I fit.

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cake everywhereeeeee

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The look you get when you try to open his presents …. which also happens to be Isla’s expertise. Oh and dad thought it would be a GREAT idea to go buy a nerf gun that shoots bullets at like 782 mph … smart Matt. Thank you. It has taken residency above the fridge along with a bunch of other toys.

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Everyone snuggled up on the couch after the party and watched one of Levi’s current faves, Minions. Who was laying on the floor to the right of Isla zoned out. He had so much fun having all his cousins over to play! Even though his little cousin Elena couldn’t hang … still hanging onto her balloon though. #deathgrip

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sparkler 2 candle // teepee // little trees + craft supplies for banner // cake stand // highchair //

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