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Levi turns Two

Our little Levi man turned two on Monday, I just don’t understand how that happened already. Matthew and I talked about how it gives us both anxiety to think how fast the last two years have gone by. I wish I could freeze time. I love this age. We’re in a fun spot with both kiddos, Levi makes us laugh DAILY and I’ve always been obsessed with 6-9 months too which is where Clare is.

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I wanted to make his birthday special and not like our every day here at home, because my fellow stay at home mom’s can relate that some days just start to blend together, there are days I’m not sure if its Tuesday or Friday. Its scary. So I decided we would start the day with balloons galore. He is so obsessed with the disney movie UP, we’ve literally been watching it everyday for the past month so it was perfect. My family owns a rental business so a helium tank was available and I snagged it. And went and bought 8 million balloons … or what seemed like that much when I was blowing them up.

We started out the morning with his favorite breakfast, french toast … which always has to be followed up with a bath. Which worked out perfect because we bought him some fun new bath toys which he thought were pretty darn awesome. Then a balloon dance party. He has such a funny little personality, he loves to say “dance dance dance FREEZE” (while dancing and then he freezes with big wide eyes), its adorable … and yes, I taught him it. But I can see that he is going to be a little clown just like I was when I was younger, he loves making people laugh & smile.

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His little scowl is so funny too …

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We played & I woke him up from his nap with what other than … 48 MORE balloons! These ones all fun colors just like on the movie UP. Once daddy got home, he shoveled the driveway with his new shovel and then we enjoyed going out to dinner mainly to get him out of the house and have a night out. Then ended our day with watching his favoritest “balloon, house, big bird” movie ever. That is what he calls it.

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Age: TWO! [guess we’re to that point where I don’t use months anymore [sigh]]

Clothes: He has such a studly little body it makes us laugh. Big ole belly that just pops out, everyone can’t stop complimenting him on his physique. He currently is in anywhere from 2-4T tops! [mainly because of that pot belly] and JUST getting into 2T pants but can still wear his 18-24 but some of them are cutting it close to being flood pants. His chubby little feet barely fit in any shoes because they are so wide, its super frustrating. Pretty sure he would be considered a size 7 or 8 at this point but he has a few 9’s only because we can’t get his fat foot past the arch part of most shoes. Its a daily struggle.

Favorite Words: He may or may not get this from his mama, but the kid loves to talk. He recently started to try to talk more in sentences which is just grand because it literally is gibberish in between a few words he knows how to say. He is very bossy to Zoey but so so obsessed with her. He tells her no, stay, sit (which we all know why that makes Matt and I laugh … its more like “shit zoey!”), shake, naughty dog, good girl … he lists all the commands & things we say to her. He’ll then start bossing sissy around and say NO SISSY, which I have to remind him not to tell sister no & I’ll take care of that. I honestly can’t pick a few words because his vocabulary is pretty advanced I would say, again … might come from me chatting his ear off all day. He loves the following things so he says them a lot: balloons, big trucks, big tractors, horses and any animal for that matter, dada’s car, dada’s at work, he calls both my sister’s Aunt B, he figured out/put two and two together that my stepdad’s name is Bruce and so is the shark on Nemo. It was so random but he said PAPA BRUCE! When the shark was on Nemo so now he went from calling him grandpa horsey to papa Bruce. So crazy how they pick up on those things, we have never told him his name was Bruce but obviously call him that. Of course Uh-oh is a favorite + Paci. When he was first talking we called him ‘yes man’ because he literally said yes to everything, “do you want a spanking Levi?” “yes”, now he has figured out some things need a good NO. Its great.

Favorite Activities: I have a love/hate relationship with this activity but the truth is, little man LOVES movies. I know so many mom’s are jealous of this but let me tell you, sometimes its not great. He’ll literally beg to watch movies all day! I want to raise my children to love to play outside, use their imaginations! Which is way easier in the summer and when we can be outside. This time of year its so hard because we literally are cooped up all day. So I try to run errands, playdates, and doing fun things like arts & crafts to get his mind away from watching movies. He loves trains, big trucks, tractors, balloons, horses, cows, and our chickens, building blocks (his favorite christmas present), he has some husquvarna toy chainsaw, leaf blower, and weed whipper he got from my mom (who’s work sells them) and that is probably his all time favorite toys that he has consistently played with. He loves anything yard work, which should come in handy someday.

Favorite Things: He loves his new book, “Oh NO GEORGE!” which he will walk around and say and its pretty much the cutest thing ever. All those things I listed above of course, and I do have to say … he LOVES his little sister. He loves to make her laugh and is so so sweet with her. I’m so thankful for that because I was pretty darn nervous about it before Clare got here. Oh and Zoey has probably made him laugh the best laughs ever in his life. He’s so obsessed with Zoey and its going to make it that much harder someday when the inevitable happens. Lets not talk about that though …

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Favorite Foods: Well it’s a much easier list to make rather than least favorite foods. We struggle with food big time with this little one. Such a pain. I want to feed him as healthy as I can but he just isn’t having it. We’ve tried every method, besides smoothies which is my next angle I’m going to try. So for now its peanut butter sandwiches, mac + cheese [I do the pirate booty so that makes me feel a bit better], spaghetti with sauce, bread [toast, rolls], homeboy loves cottage cheese which I find funny, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries + raspberries only sometimes, oatmeal, cereal [especially whole grain cherries] and of course any junk food. Loves ice cream + pop corn.

Other Milestones: Levi can count to 4 now, although after yesterday … everything is 2. One morning I woke up to him talking to himself in his crib counting paci’s … one, two, tree, four. It was so darn cute, probably the biggest smile I’ve had on my face that early in the morning in a long time. He say’s bless you before you’re even done sneezing. He sticks to one word responses when it comes to things like, thanks, welcome, and my personal favorite … love you is just “love”. He’s super helpful already so I love giving him little missions around the house, asking him to bring something to Matthew and I just love watching him go and do it and saying, welcome. We’ve also figured out in the past few weeks that we think Levi may become a motivational speaker someday, he is so uplifting! Constantly following me around and saying, “Good job mom!” He’s such a little ham & I could just eat him right up.

p.s. I was doing really good not crying over this whole ‘turning two’ gig until I just was going through photos and somehow landed on him at about 1 year old and watched all the videos I’ve taken this past year. TEARS.
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This is seriously how he watched UP, cutest thing ever.

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    Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
    Love this babe!!!