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leigh + trevor :: wedding

for awhile all i had heard my cousin randi talk about was her friend leigh. if randi likes someone so much, i knew i would too. our first meeting face to face was one of thee most remember-able first acquaintances that i think i have ever had. i drove to randi’s house way out in the country after a very long day of shooting a wedding. i was tired but their persistence convinced me and i soon found myself driving to meet leigh for the first time. she was recently engaged and already knew she wanted me as her photographer. so flattering. she also mentioned she had a few gifts for me as well as a down payment. i got there only to find myself laughing hysterically the whole time at these two yahoo’s that were having a darn good time just the two of them. leigh then proceeded to give me a present … a box of four shooters (little bottles of liquior) wrapped in christmas wrapping paper and a twenty dollar bill. that is your down payment. please shoot my wedding. (and yes, alcohol was involved.) i did not need anymore convincing after that, nor did she have to convince me but if was official that night. i would soon find myself in love with leigh and her man, trevor.

after hanging out with leigh and trevor a few times prior, we met for their engagement session and had even more fun then all the times before. lots of laughs, burn outs, pants ripping at the seam … just the normal good stuff. these two are just crazy in love and love to have fun. you are guaranteed to have a good time when with them. their wedding day was nothing different. super relaxed and fun. not to mention their friends and family. dave [one of the groomsmen] left quite the impression on tara and i. one of his hobbies is videography so he was with us most of the day. we left the dimnet chapel in downtown holland with leigh and trevor to venture the town with just the two of them. dave tagged along and made what is definitely thee most memorable moment of my summer while shooting weddings. long story short, dave tripped over the railroad tracks and after verifying that we could laugh [leigh and trevor started laughing first] we all died laughing and dave was such a trooper cracking jokes with us all day about it. seriously … made. my day. oh and the fact that these two were married 😉 i think tripping is the funniest thing. whether its me or someone else, its funny. i don’t care who you are. i laugh.

the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast. i’m so happy these two are married and i got to be there to document the day.


i absolutely love erick who is an amazing make-up artist. he does amazing work … and of course it helps that he gets to work with gorgeous leigh.

leigh you are breathtaking!


so in love.

happy monday




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  1. Leigh Onken
    Monday, October 3rd, 2011
    I LOVE MY WEDDING PICTURES!!!!! You are AWESOME! I love you and Tamra, I mean Tara LOL
  2. Jennifer Hessel
    Monday, October 3rd, 2011
    Beautiful! Especially loved the ones by the car!
  3. Tara
    Monday, October 3rd, 2011
    Ha ha Leigh! They turned out AMAZING and had so much fun with you guys! Especially the train tracks incident! Oh Dave!! love ya! Tamra ;)