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leaving inspired

yesterday katie touzel and i headed to chicago. i never knew someone existed out there that liked to talk more than i did … and then i met katie. the three hours flew by so fast and although road trips are my favorite and i love listening to music … i don’t think we ‘actually’ listened to one song on the way down there. just too much to talk about. the business, inspirations, our goals, friends, family, and life. we wanted to sneak in a few hours of shopping, mainly with urban outfitters on our foreheads. we parked the car and both agreed food was our first destination. of course we had ourselves some chicago pizza and lunch was perfect sitting outside surrounded by city people and flowers and a few pigeons asking for food. [of course i threw a few pieces of bread their way]. we then hits some stores and of course were rushed in our favorite store but so excited for the reason why we were there so we caught a taxi and flew back to the car. which by the way … katie was super proud of herself for waving down a taxi so quickly 😉 such a city girl she is. i wish someone could have captured our parking garage frantic changing scene but its probably for the better that no one did.

we were there to hear promise tangeman speak. along with david jay and zach and jody from gray photography. always is so inspiring to hear other photographers who are doing well for themselves and are living the dream. promise is actually a graphic designer and does photography on the side but boy is she talented. and super cute. she talked about how she got where she is today and the importance of branding yourself. something i have been working on for a while with hitch design. it was great to have a refresher though and learn some new things and techniques to better brand myself and in the end, shape this business around me and my dreams. sometimes you get so caught up with what everyone else is doing so it was very refreshing. zach and jody kicked the seminar off next. i had heard of them but really didn’t know anything about them. it took about two minutes or less for me to fall in love with this couple and once again, feeling inspired. i connected with them so much on the fact that they put so much effort into their relationships with their clients. i too cherish my clients and most of the time when the wedding or portrait session is done, i walk away with new friends and i always try to keep in touch with them. INSPIRATION is thee most amazing thing and thats what these seminars are for. a bunch of creative people getting together to talk and learn and leave inspired. gotta love it.

in between the discussions, katie and i had a nice chat with promise and her husband brian and of course i felt like i knew them after following promise’s blog for quite some time now but reading some-one’s blog can not leave you with the understanding of how nice and sincere they truly are. you can just tell they love what they do, meeting new people, sharing their knowledge and love for God. it radiates off of them.

by the time we were leaving the bright lights of the city it was about 1am our time and we were exhausted. katie was much quiter on the way back … sleeping … so i got to blast my ‘road trip’ playlist and sing away while driving. two of my favoritest things. my brain has been going crazy with ideas and some new business goals and i can’t wait to put them in action. but i should probably enjoy a looooong holiday weekend and a mini vacation first.


katie is on her phone a lot.



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  1. Friday, July 1st, 2011
    ah looks super fun! i wish i would have known about it. you two are the cutest!