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lauren + kyle

it wasn’t looking like the weather was going to stay good for us but we went for it anyway. lauren and kyle traveled over to hang with me all the way from dearborn and i couldn’t have been more excited that they did. we started off in an apple orchard and talked about them. for those that know me, i’m considered a ‘talker’ or as my grandpa always called me, motormouth … but when it comes to engagement shoots, weddings, or anything about love … i love hearing their stories. i loved hearing how the two met and didn’t think anything of it until something sparked. i love hearing about their excitement for their wedding and being married. its so refreshing.

the weather ended up holding off for us and as soon as we got the the brewery to snap some photos of the two there doing what they love, it started storming. perfect timing. you see, kyle over the years has become very interested in kraft beer and trying new things. again, those that know me know i order the exact same thing everytime i go to a resturaunt. its so not like me to mix things up. but i stepped out of my comfort zone and tried some crazy beers with names like ‘dragon milk’. yes yes, it was scary. but i loved watching them laugh and talk about how their love for kraft beer started and how lauren knows all the weird beers because she loves kyle and his interest has rubbed off on her. they’re so in love and i couldn’t be happier for them and stoked to travel out of town for their wedding this coming spring. enjoy 😉


i just love this perfect fall setting

what a way to end our awesome engagement session … with beer of course. they didn’t have to pull my leg too hard 😉



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  1. lauren
    Thursday, December 1st, 2011
    OMG leah! they are amazing!!! =) you were right, they are PERFECT! cant wait for you to shoot our wedding!!!! <3
  2. Thursday, December 1st, 2011
    perfect as usual:) love really love the black and whites they are so cool!