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… lately …

the end of the busy season is near. i can see it, smell it, oh how exciting. but i also can look back at all the beautiful people i’ve photographed and sigh and wish i was there again. i just absolutely LOVE spending time with all these amazing people. they have a special place in my heart. in case you have been wondering what i’ve been up to lately, it hasn’t been laying out at the beach everyday … or taking naps … lots has been happening and here is a glimpse into what i’ve been working on lately. hope everyone has a safe & wonderful labor day weekend. i will be shooting a beautiful northern michigan wedding on sunday, smiling about that.

xoxo, happy weekend!



kaylin + kendall ::

sydney + kyle ::

aidan ::

lauren + eric ::

carly ::

jenni + adam ::

tina + derek ::

quinn + michael ::

ari ::

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