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kelsey + andy

sometimes when i’m driving down the road after getting done with an engagement session … i giggle to myself and how much of a mess i was. now, when i say a mess i mean a different kind of mess that what you may think. so much in the moment and freaking out with ideas that i get all flustered and what not. tripping, not making sense or saying full sentences. saying the wrong names … and lots of weird words like, oh, ah, and ehhh. i probably am not making much sense right now but looking back to my last engagement session with kelsey and andy that is exactly what i think about. i drove away from andy’s parents house and giggled to myself. what i mess i just was but BOY OH BOY am i excited to see these photos. i’m glad they were honest enough to just laugh with me. yes i tripped, almost biffed it … and called ANDY kyle the quite a few times. i have a lot of grooms named kyle this coming year OKAY?! lol. i apologized a million times because that is so not like me but again, i was just in the moment.

we started off in front of andy’s parents pond that his dad had dug and of course a bunch of beautiful swans live there. um, HOW PERFECT?! in between laughing at me we talked about their wedding plans and how excited they are to just BE TOGETHER. one of kelsey’s first emails to me explained how they are getting married not to just ‘get married’ and for a wedding but because they love eachother. i know it sounds like a no brainier but we all know it happens a lot. the fairy tale wedding that every girl dreams of with a guy they settled for. i just love hearing that simple sentence and then seeing first hand that they truly are in love and i know they will love married life. just so happens they were my last engagement session of the year and they are my first wedding of next year. love it. so you will see this adorable couple hitting the blog again in february. so happy for you two. and i hope you cherish these photos forever in such an exciting time in your lives. and maybe after you see the photos, you’ll understand my weirdness while shooting. i just get too excited and caught up in the moment. i swear i’m cool. swear.





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  1. Friday, December 2nd, 2011
    oh wow, third to last!
  2. Friday, December 2nd, 2011
    cute, and they do look really-in-love!!!!
  3. Kelsey Van Noord
    Friday, December 2nd, 2011
    Love them! Thanks so much Leah! My favs are with that old clunker! What a glorious surprise!