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kelsey + andy :: wedding

the last engagement session I shot in 2011 and the first wedding in 2012. And what a great couple to share both exciting monumental times with. For those of you who were in the bridal party for this amazing day, i’m sure you were wondering if I made it home alive with all fingers … seeing I was so close to freezing to death. I’m happy to say I am alive and well and fingers now have their circulation back. Boy was it cold. I’m pretty sure it was just because I was outside for a long period of time [it wasn’t too bad if you got to warm up here and there] … but for the record, I would totally do it all over again. I just love the natural light, even if it is freezing. We still had fun. Laughed pretty hard because I needed assistance just to turn dials on my camera and get my cards out of the bag. Once again, I was the cause of laughter for everyone. Story of my life. Oh and maybe the snot rolling down my face too, that was pretty funny.

Kelsey + Andy have been together for a long time. High school sweethearts, so everyone was super excited to see these two tie the knot. It was so fun hanging out with their friends and family and getting to know everyone and hearing more of their story. Hearing about Kelsey’s super determined personality, that girl can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. And Andy is so down to earth and talented as well. I’m pretty sure he was a express or jcrew model in his past life. He even made the labels for the favors along with the programs and I’m assuming all other stationary for the wedding. Pretty impressive.

The day was super laid back and fun. Tara and I had such a great time shooting this wedding and especially alongside Bradley Productions, amazing videographers. I’m so fortunate to have met these guys and have the opportunity to work with them. I highly recommend them to any bride who doesn’t have a videographer yet! Make sure to check out their view from the day HERE. Film and Photography are two totally different things, yet so similar. I believe both are very important for your wedding and why not have every angle of the day documented in all ways possible. It goes by way too fast. Which I’m sure Andy + Kelsey will agree with now that they are back from their sunny warm honeymoon!

Meet the beautiful couple Kelsey + Andy … enjoy!





I had to include this video that Bradley Productions put together for Kelsey + Andy. I absolutely loved seeing a different medium and art format from the day and their perspectives. Make sure to still check out their blog and read their thoughts on the day and also the entire wedding video but here is a highlight.


andrew + kelsey | wedding hilite from Bradley Productions on Vimeo.

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  1. Kelsey
    Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You seriously rock. They are all my favorite!! They turned out great, and you were quick too!!! Couldn't be happier!! Thanks Leah!
  2. Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
    Beautiful! I love your editing!