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Kaylee : Senior

Laying in bed right now snuggle’n with Matt and Zoey I thought I should quick post some pictures from Kaylee’s senior session. I took some of her and her cousin Sarah, which I’ll post more later. I have a lot of catching up to do this week and then of course more pictures to take to get even more behind! I’m excited though! I need to go to bed so I can start the week off good and tackle some things at my house, work, and the photo business …

Oh and I have to say it was my little brother’s 11th birthday today 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JALEN! I got him a transformer (Megatron) that you can actually transform! I have no idea how to do it but Jalen is so good at that stuff. I also got him a under armour football shirt! He’s going to look so cute in it! He just started football. Can’t wait to watch him! I got him this hilarious card from Target that had a picture of a turd poking out of the toilet and then you opened the card and it said, “Turd it was your birthday!” HAHA … Isn’t that hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing and then I called my sister Tara, who also likes anything with poop and turds and she laughed with me. I know, we’re silly. But you can’t deny that the word Turd is funny …. I’m just say’n …


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  1. Kaylee Jean
    Monday, August 24th, 2009
    Thanks leah I like them so far!! cant wait to see the rest hope you get caught up with yourself sounds like ya gotta slow down a little lol but thanks you so much again!! oh and i agree the word turd is pretty funny.