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kailen + lukas wedding :: part one

Get ready. This wedding post is going to be insane. It took place in a barn, they got ready across the street in an adorable farm house with an amazing view, fields all around … yeah … make sense now of why this post is going to be insanely long? I just couldn’t help myself. So I divided it into two separate posts. I’m so thrilled to be finally sharing this wedding with you all today. This wedding took place near Clark Lake, Michigan so I drove in the night before and you should have heard my excitement as I pulled up to this farm. A family farm that they have opened up to accept a select amount of weddings at a year. The day was so relaxed and easy going … which just so happens to be the bride’s personality. Usually how wedding days go, synced with the bride.

Kailen was getting ready in the farm house with all her bridesmaids by her side. They actually stayed at the farm for a few days prior to the wedding so the feel of the day was even more relaxed due to that. A setting where there is a girl playing in the front yard with a baby and a pear tree which Tifani and I totally picked from and tried [so yummy] … how could your morning not be awesome.

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I couldn’t even get over Kailen’s gorgeous-ness. Her dress was just perfect for her and I loooove lace! I met Kailen for the first time when I met with one of her best friends from college about her wedding. Catch that? Tori and Kyle were married summer of 2012 and Kailen just so happened to be the maid of honor and helping with the planning process. I absolutely love when I get past bridesmaids for future brides. When she first emailed me at told me she was recently engaged, I was already cutting back my weddings for 2013 for baby reasons … but knew this one would work with the timeline and so glad it did. Sometimes you just know when it is meant to be between you and a couple. This was definitely one of those times for me.

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Lets talk about rain on your wedding day. To be honest, it doesn’t scare me. UNLESS, it is going to downpour all day, I think it is beautiful and makes everything so green and vibrant. After the girls photos this happened. We heard it coming from a ways away and it was no joke. Down pour, hail, lots of wind … but seriously, just like that, it was past us. Just a strong little storm that hit right before the ceremony and then the birds were out chirping. So of course I took this time to hang out with the guys in the barn and chat with the groom, Luke. It was very important for him to not see his bride prior to the ceremony. Normally, I am very against this because it really cuts back on our time together for photos and I’m a true believer seeing eachother before is just as amazing, if not more … but I respected Luke’s wishes and they waited. It really worked out great though because of an earlier ceremony time and not to mention, everything for their day being in ONE location is HUGE. I just love it. It makes the day soooo much more relaxed and enjoyable. Their day was just whimsical if I had to pick one sappy word for you all to think of when looking through these photos. So during our chat in the barn, I loved hearing how Luke was just beyond excited to see his beautiful bride. I told him he was going to faint when he saw her … she was breathtaking. So I’m sure I helped make him a tad bit more nervous. Hey, its kinda fun to see the anticipation before a first look or the ceremony. Not gunna lie.

Then it was hello gorgeous blue skies! Right on time!

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KLEDITS 221 copy

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Then came another little quick storm that passed through right at family photos. You could hear the rain coming from a ways away and then boom, downpour. So we ran under the barn overhang and I caught them sneaking in a ‘hey we just got married’ kiss.

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When we met for their engagement session, I believe that was the ‘official’ time I had met Lukas and seen them interact together. They planned a trip home from California to visit with family during a very cold week here in Michigan. But runny noses and red cheeks didn’t stop us from having a blast at their engagement session. Like literally … I had a runny nose the whole entire time. Yes, I know you wanted to know that. So attractive. And I believe my eyes were watering the whole time too. So you can picture me with mascara running down my red cheeks as well. We were ‘cold’ messes. We had to jump in the car to warm up our fingers a few times but I was dyingggg while taking the photos because of all their gorgeousness, model fierceness. Lots of ‘ness’ was happenin that day.

I had no idea they worked for the same company in California but just different offices. They met in college and Luke hadn’t gotten the vibe yet that Kailen was interested in him, even though she had a crush on him too for quite some time. After falling in love throughout college, they picked up their bags and moved away together just for the experience. How fun is that. I love those love stories. Especially for someone who has lived in the same town her entire life. Oh these adventurous people, they are so inspiring. And so in love.

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And like that they were headed to their reception, which I can’t wait to share with you all tomorrow. Because lets face it, a barn party is the best kind of party there is.

xoxo, Leah


  1. Amber
    Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
    Gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the barn reception!