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jenni + adam :: wedding

Ohhhh where do I start? Jenni and Adam’s day was so beautiful and I feel so in love with their families. Especially how stink’n cute Jenni is with her sister and her mom. Their bond is definitely unbreakable and I love close families, and of course … sisters. I need to warn you too, that you’re about to be slapped in the face by a perfect little petite body and along with that, let me tell you … she is soooo sweet too. Yeah I know, not fair. Not to mention, her eye for decor is amazing and every little detail for the day was covered. From candles burning everywhere and every table in the lobby filled with pictures of this adorable couple, Tara and I were in love with her wedding before we even saw her. The moment we walked in the door. Everything was labeled and organized [and we all know how I love organization]. I wasn’t surprised though, I predicted her wedding would be amazing as soon as we met [and mentioned it in their engagement post] when she handed me a card-stock piece of paper with a beautiful spread of photos, layed out perfectly in photoshop, “here is my inspiration” she says … uhhhh yup, I was in love from that moment on.

But lets not forgot what they wedding day is for … sure I love me a beautiful wedding full or beautiful details but more importantly … full of love and laughter! Celebration! I feel as though so many weddings get wrapped up in the ‘look’ of it all they forget what matters. These two are hitched and I couldn’t be happier. There are so many happy memories from the day and I know they will cherish them forever. Like her bridesmaids seeing her for the first time?! I’m telling you, this girl had her day planned perfectly and so thankful everything went smoothly and yes yes … they are married! Finally!!!

As you can see, one of my goals for 2012 was to start cutting down on my wedding day blog-posts. I’m waving the white flag and saying it finally, I suck at it. Decisions and me do not go hand in hand. So without further a do … please enjoy your super long post and maybe someday I’ll learn to choose. But once again, so thankful for this fun day that I had the opportunity to be a part of. Love you two!





I caught Jenni’s sister Michelle practicing her speech, love it.

So here is a moment that was really important to Jenni. Her morning was spent with just her mother and sister but she was so excited for her bridesmaids to see her. So she wanted to do a ‘special’ first look with them as well. It was so sweet.

ummm … FAVE.

During cocktail hour we snuck out for some kisses on the dock.

Probably one of my favorite memories from the day, supposedly this was all Adam’s idea. After a beautiful well coragraphed dance to start off they broke off in an amazing fast dance that Adam pulled together himself. After busting out some amazing moves, they would go back to their slow dancing while everyone was laughing. So much fun.

… and of course love it when the groomsmen try to fool the groom with their hairy legs.

The gathering of Sparties, along with the Michigan State song.


happy tuesday!