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january 2013 goals


I fell in love with the above image on pinterest and of course have noticed its already a popular January goal’s photo. But how awesome that so many of us fellow bloggers are making these lists and holding ourselves accountable to our goals. Everyone works differently but I know, making lists and setting goals that are attainable is very helpful to me. Is it normal to have ‘list making’ as a hobby? The first weekend of the year was spent with my two favorite people. Well, one husband and one adorable pup named Zoey. We headed up north to our family’s cabin and enjoyed some SNOW and snowmobiling. Our favorite thing to do together. It still blows my mind that there is NO snow here at home but head 3 hours north and we have over a foot. The trails were still pretty beat up but we enjoyed exploring the pipelines and back trails along with just getting away and taking Zoey on lots of walks. And maybe a few times of us riding the sled as she ran along side us … lazies …

The first week of January was pretty mellow for me and so I decided to really jump into these goals the first full week of work after a few shorter weeks due to the holidays. 2012 was an amazing year and I’ve been reading so many positive posts on social media and boy is that exciting. I won’t go on and on about how much I love a fresh start and the new year but I would love to share some of my monthly goals and also some big ones for the year. Some of course I’ll keep to myself, but here is the list I came up with. I hope you share your list below in the comment section and link your blog so we can hold ourselves accountable! I tried to figure out when I started posting my goals online but it started sometime in 2010 and I’ve been loving doing it ever since. Huge thanks to Nancy Ray who inspired me to do so. That girl is so sweet in person and have loved following her blog since we met in 2009. Wow, time flies.

So without further adieu …

2013 Goals

As always, do better with Fitness + Health
Learn how to cook better, healthier meals
Complete the Dave Ramsey plan with Matthew
Read a book every month
Blog regularly, have a blog schedule
Photograph my life more
Practice making recreational videos again, go-pro style
Visit somewhere we’ve never been to for our 6th anniversary
Plan a trip and go to Alaska
Set & Follow office hours
Apply for a CCW permit
Learn how to sew
Take a calligraphy class with Molly
Ride my horse 2-3 times a week [spring/summer/fall]
Organize my fiances better for 2013
Drink more water daily
Have new portraits taken of myself & my family

January Goals

All Album designs done and ordered
Get my passport for my TRIP [more on this soon]
Workout regularly + eat healthy
Wake up at 7am
Go through my closet and purge
Knock atleast 3 items off the ‘house to do list’
Help my sister prepare for her #3 baby coming around January 31
Pedicures with Tara [prep for baby some more of course]
Finish all December edits

Well there you have it folks. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more content here on the blog other than photography. I really want to expand this blog to be more than just my work, but me personally. After having a rough go with online and in person stalkers … I’m ready to venture out and really be me again. Nothing is holding me back now. I cannot wait to see where this year takes me, my life, my relationship with Matthew, and of course my business. So many unknown things but always relying on the Lord to guide me.



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  1. Monday, January 7th, 2013
    I'm so proud of you! And cannot wait to see where 2013 takes you :) xoxo
  2. Shalyn
    Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
    I love you so much Leah! Love the goals and it's crazy how alike we are I swear. I wish you lived closer!!!! We need to MAKE A TRIP happen this year so I can see you and Rhi and Kristen! Miss you so much <3 Can't wait to see how many awesome things are in store for you this year!
  3. Tuesday, January 8th, 2013
    Love it! And I had no idea you had a horse...my family used to own one and I love riding. I would love to catch up :)
  4. Saturday, January 12th, 2013
    love this so much! i can not wait to read more on this little blog of yours. i am doing the monthly goals too :] heres to 2013! x