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jamie + jamie :: forest grove wedding

yes, yes … both their names are jamie. so for the sake of not confusing the heck out of everyone with this post, i will refer to them as bride and groom. or as they like to call themselves, jamie 1 and jamie 2, jamison and jamie. this wedding was not only an amazing reunion for tara and i with all our old forest grove friends and whom i like to call, family … it was also very near and dear to my heart to be there when these two tied the knot. if i had the time or the effort, i would go digging downstairs right now and find a photo of jamison and i in kindergarten and scan it in for you … all cute toddlers and what not. i know this will surprise you but we were naughty and often times got in trouble together. i remember it like it was yesterday. and now, here he is … all married to the beautiful jamie.

the day started out overcast and sure enough, right as we were about to head outside, downpour. luckily, they did not let this effect their day and really remembered the most important thing of the day and that was that these two are official married. once the rain died down a bit, we headed out to a local farm which i knew jamison would love due to the fact that on top of a full time job, this guy loves farming and does it part time as well. [still madly in love with their field engagement photos HERE]. in between rain drops the two where smiling and in love and we had so much fun and want to say a big thank you to my sister tara who among her many other talents/jobs … this very day, she became the best umbrella holder known to man kind. jamie + jamie can voucher that with me. soon after, the rain won and we found ourselves all huddled under umbrellas trying to stay dry. sure enough after the beautiful ceremony, the sun was out but this bridal party was ready to celebrate and party and let me tell you, forest grove farmers know how to party. such a beautiful day and fun night. congrats to jamie + jamie! so happy to see two friends get married and so happy! xoxo -Leah


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  1. Jamie
    Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
    Love them!!!!
  2. Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
    beautiful-love the one with the cross, minister, Bride, and Groom!
  3. Amanda
    Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
    Leah! We had a class together in college and I've always admired your work! My dream is to have my own photography company also! Keep it up girl I love looking at your creations! It inspires me to do what I've always wanted! Maybe one day I will bite the bullet and do it!!! :)