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jake + megan :: engagement

i had the honor of meeting jake a few years ago, but nothing more than a hello. fast forward and i received an email from jake telling me about how he was recently engaged and looking for a photographer for their engagement pictures. i was stoked. after emailing back and forth a few times [of course megan took over so we could figure stuff out haha] we set up a time to meet in hudsonville and later head to grand rapids. while emailing, megan told me that they had a limited schedule because jake was being deployed and they had a week to snap some pictures when they would be home here in michigan. so we made it happen.

we met and right away i started chat’n it up, like always … and getting to know eachother. i love hearing how couples met and how the relationship came together. i feel like all to many times the woman is the one that makes the move these days. [this coming from someone that made the move on her husband haha] jake and megan were both very shy in high school but little did they know, they both liked eachother. to think all the headache they could have saved if one would have just dared to say something. but nope, years passed and they never said anything about their crushes on one another. then the wonderful world of facebook came along and they got a little braver. 😉

when jake put his uniform on i was stoked. and so honored to take some pictures of him suited up. even though serving only lasts an X amount of years, it is a huge part of their lives right now and i really wanted to document that. megan of course stands by her man and is currently in california where they will [most likely] live once they are married next july. so happy for these two and of course, THANK YOU jake for what you do!!! and you too megan … i’m sure its hard to let your man leave but we appreciate it.

[by the way … one of my favorites is the last picture. the oh crap face. love it.]

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  1. Phyllis Vandenbrink
    Thursday, October 21st, 2010
    love love love them! Great Job. =)
  2. Thursday, October 21st, 2010
    Leah-love these! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple you really did "capture them" and I don't even know them:) Thanks Jake for your service to our country and thanks Megan for standing by him!So many good shots hard to pick my fav love the road at the beginning -the road of life, travel with me and the last one is sweet!
  3. Jennifer Hessel
    Thursday, October 21st, 2010
    Thank you so much for serving our country Jake! I loved the black and white one in the field with the uniform and I also loved the last ones under the road!
  4. Megan DeGlopper
    Thursday, October 21st, 2010
    Leah you did an amazing job!! We both love the pictures!! I cant wait to see the rest on the CD. Thanks again, you do an amazing job. I can finally fill some photo collage frames I've had laying around forever!!