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isla :: newborn portraits by allie marie

I am hoping at this point I’m not annoying everyone with my nieces and nephew. And if so … I’mmmmmm not sorry. I believe I already slap everyone in the face with enough Zoey on all the social networks so I try to stay away from that so much on here and stick to these adorable kiddos. For those who are new readers, I have two sisters who both have kids. Brittany, my younger sister has one, Mila who is eight months old! And then Tara, my older sister who just had her THIRD! Holy smokies! I can not believe she has three kids yet. And neither can she. I truly, absolutely LOVE being an aunt though. It is the highlight of my life these days. My sisters and I are best friends and super super close so we talk/see eachother daily and I often times become the ‘husband’ helping along the way. Then, I go home to my peaceful household and snuggle up to my loving husband and adorable dog who doesn’t cry. Well, she does whistle … but not too often.

I of course am going to take some lifestyle newborn photos of baby Isla this week but had to share some amazing shots my friend Allie got of the babes. Allie is a vintage inspired newborn & children photographer and boy does she know what she is doing with the babies! I’ve never seen someone catch poop so fast, and cup it in her bare hands. Gross … I know. But her reflexes are out of this world. I however, stood there with a ‘OMG’ face of disgust. We laughed until we cried and really just had such a fun and amazing day.

As a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I know my strengths and weaknesses. And the biggest thing … I APPRECIATE other people’s work and photography. Every single person has their own unique style and ‘eye’ and Tara and I have always loved Allie’s work with babies. So when she emailed me shortly after Isla was born in need of a little baby girl model, we were totally in! Allie also makes these adorableeee pieces for other newborn photographers [Timeless Heirloom] that she just started selling online and you really need to check them out. Or for everyday use … I’ve always been a sucker for bonnets! Ever since the little house on the prairie.

It was great catching up with Allie and watching her do her thang with the baby. She just has such a gift with them. And even though Isla gave her a run for her money … she did eventually get her to sleep. I absolutely LOVED being on the other end of the experience of a newborn session and without a doubt will hire Allie to photograph my own babes in these perfect little poses. Make sure to check out her website and blog, she focuses mainly on children and newborn photography along with making all the goodies for them! My sister is so excited to get some adorable pants that Allie makes from old sweaters! Oh and FYI, the last image is my ultimate FAVORITE! I was totally being like that ‘annoying aunt at weddings’ and ow-ing and aw-ing over allie’s head trying to take a pic with my phone lol. But they are just perfect. Aren’t they? So blessed to have these three little nuggets in my life. And a big WELL DONE to Tara and Lucas for creating these beauties.

I’ll be blogging lots more of Isla and share the lifestyle newborn session I am shooting this week, so stay tuned to see the same baby … from a different eye.
















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  1. Justine
    Thursday, January 31st, 2013
    oh my word. Tara has the most beautiful children ever!!! Isla is such a little peanut!!!
  2. Stephany VanderMeer
    Thursday, January 31st, 2013
    I think it might be a crime to be done having children when you produce children that stinkin cute!! She is just beautiful!
  3. brittany
    Friday, February 1st, 2013
    So cute! I love those little babies :) Proud Auntie