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hello to 29

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes on instagram [@leahmullett] and Facebook! I have had such an amazing day & start to my 29th year of life. Spent my morning with one of my best friends Alisa, snapping some photos in our new studio [post coming on that soon!] We just love playing in that space & dreaming up some ideas for some awesome shoots coming up for both of us.

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The rest of my day was spent with my family, we went shopping for some birthday gifts for me that I wanted. Matt had asked prior so he could shop for me but honestly, I love having an excuse to spend the day together and kind of wanted to compare some things anyway so I wanted to be there to pick it out. The clerk at Sephora may have laughed at me when I told her I wanted some anti-aging cream but I know that it is always smart to work to prevent it before it even happens so that was my thought. For once I want to be on top of it before the wrinkles even come. I went with philosophy’s renewed hope in a jar night cream along with the philosophy’s hope in a jar eye cream. I may have snuck a body wash in there too.

Matthew also treated me to a fossil wallet seeing that everyone has been mocking me for my 15 year old wallet that I thought was pretty darn cool still … apparently not.

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Clearly our family loves balloons. Levi is so obsessed with them I figured why not, it will be his favorite toy now for the next 2 months. Yes folks, they seriously last that long. I usually end up killing them myself with a knife or scissors. You know … let out some pent-up anger.

Looking forward at 29, I have some goals as always. I love any excuse for a fresh start. Mondays [hey one good thing about them], a new month, birthdays, new years day … they all work in my mind. I really have some goals to be a HEALTHIER Leah. I’ve never put myself or my health first. Probably never will. But I am going to try to work on those things that I can easily work on and just need to make more of a priority. Drinking more water, more sleep, eating healthier, continuing to loose weight. I’m excited for how much healthier I can be for my 30th birthday come next year! I also plan to make more time for mental + spiritual health. Somewhat ‘schedule’ that time to read a book, paint my nails, do a face mask, not have to rush and take a shower, do a devotional! I’ve already taken some baby steps to achieve these goals so I’m staying optimistic.

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How did you celebrate your birthday or plan to?! I would love to hear about it along with any new goals you’re setting for yourself on your birthday as you welcome another year of life. Happy Thursday friends, headed out to dinner at a hole in the wall bar, my favorite!!! [just keeping it classy] The sun in shining in Michigan & we couldn’t be happier! I may have wished for some sunshine for my birthday, your welcome Michiganders. xoxo -Leah