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fitness + health: the push needed for a change

The inter-web [my hill-billy name for the internet] is overflowing with information. So I know this is no new ‘news’ and/or ground breaking information you have never heard before. But this is my blog and I’m here to share my stories and little bits of my life. So here it goes.

Last week my friend Abby called me. ‘Hey, do you want to go to Mexico with me?” Say whaaaat?!?! First, shock hit me. Then, excitement. Third, is she kidding? Fourth, Holy crap we’re going to mexico. Fifth, wait … i have to get in a bikini. shit.

Growing up I was always the ‘fit’ one in the group. I played all the sports, especially in ninth grade, but ended my high school years with playing softball for 13 years, racing motocross, riding horses, and just overall a busy athletic FIT freak. I never had to work at it. My mom raised me to eat somewhat healthy but she never drilled it into our brains because she never really had to work at it either. She started off a twig, got pregnant, and then usually lost it all right away by walking here and there with a friend. The only thing I remember is we HAD to drink our glass of milk everyday.

So then enter college … wasn’t too bad. I lived at home most of my college years and was as always, busy as ever. But rarely worked out or watched what I ate. A month before I graduated, I got married. And you know what they say … when you’re happy, you’re heavy. I can’t see where the problem comes from with ‘being married’ … I guess I’m not a huge chef and we have had our share of frozen dinners, so that is a bit of the culprit. But more so for me, I see that we didn’t have a plan. No meal plans, schedules … nadda. We just went with the flow and when we were hungry we figured it out. We’ve also had job changes thrown in there so that always throws your schedule for a loop. When I was working full time … two jobs, home made meals were FEW and far between. And when you do cook, its usually something like pasta, which I feel as though is the easiest thing to make … and I always felt preeetttyyy amazing about myself even if it wasn’t the healthiest meal, because i made it.

So here we are, not where we want to be as far as our health + weight. But on the right path.

I know we don’t have too far to go, just lifestyle changes to make. So why not share them. Having a goal is HUGE for me. That’s what works. So when Abby asked me to go on vacation with her, my determination woke up from its slumber. I had had this feeling before, when I did some boudoir photos for my husband. I actually hired a personal trainer for about 2 years, tried one for a year and that didn’t work out so much, then switched to another who was straight out of the military and intense. I loved the results but then, just like that I was happy and no longer determined and just stopped. Crazy to think about to how great I felt back then and why I ever let it go. So I know I can do this.

So here is my take on changing my [and your] health + fitness in 5 steps:



1. Set a date. And make sure it has some pressure behind it. I don’t know about you but if I have to have some pressure.

2. Write down your plan. I can’t just walk into a gym and just start working out. I have to have a plan. So I WRITE DOWN in my planner, what days I workout and what I will be doing. Arms, legs, abs, just cardio, rest day, etc. And I do mix it up depending on my mood. The other day I was on the treadmill for longer than planned due to getting stuck on ‘the bachelor’ lol, we don’t have cable so i get hooked easy on shows. You can be flexible with your plan, but atleast you have one.

3. Lifestyle change, not a diet. I’m not going around telling friends and family I’m on a ‘diet’ … I am teaching myself not to think like that … its a LIFESTYLE change I’m making because I’m going to keep up with this even when I am where I want to be fitness wise.

4. Drink more water. Oh my am I bad at this. I realized that there were DAYS that would go by and the only water I had was when I brushed my teeth. That is so terrible and I can feel the mental ‘slaps’ I am getting right now via tel-apathetically. How I am fixing this is by carrying around a water bottle all day, everywhere. And I usually am using the same one for a couple days if that doesn’t gross you out. I mean I’m the only one drinking from it so I refill and put in fridge for the next morning. Otherwise I would forget. Weird, I know.

5. Get enough sleep. Yup, I’m terrible at this as well. So bad. Balance is something I’ve been working on for years, especially with owning my own business and being the ‘creative’ type who likes to work at night. I’ve learned that what I need to do in order to be sleeping by 11pm is to start getting ready for bed around 9:30/10. I have to have my time to start to slow down before bed and relax. Lots of good info on this topic, HERE is one I found that breaks it down a little more.


Once I get further into this lifestyle change, I hope to become a morning worker-outer. As of right now, I let myself do it anytime of the day. Baby-steps. But I have been on a good routine since before Christmas. And eating is another blog topic for another day.

One more random tip or excuse I totally took advantage of … buy new workout gear to motivate you. Hey … I think it works. New tennis shoes [much needed], new shirt, and my favorite … new nike workout bag that stays in my car with all my workout gear in it. NO EXCUSES.


I’ll be blogging about my trip soon and more about what we will be doing! After saying yes to Abby, we then found out its not even Mexico. So really … we know the general area we will be going in but we joke that we have no clue what country we are even going to … this should be interesting … which it always is, with Abby. She’s a hoot. Don’t believe me?? … read her blog. She’s being SUPER daring and putting before and after pics up of herself. Go Ab!



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